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I showed a big chunk of the Clipper Coupe’s roof line, and jpcavanaugh got it right away. Congratulations. Now here’s something where google likely won’t be of help to you. It will probably take a former (or current) owner to figure this one out.

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11 Comments on “Curbside Classic Clue...”

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    It’s a Walbro reflective emergency break-down sign, circa 1998.  In its protective case.
    Oh, you mean the car?  Not a clue.

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    TwoTone Loser

    Assuming it is a Classic….
    Okay. Blonde carpets. Us American types would not be so silly as to have this easily stained shade of tan in that picture, This looks German.
    So I got a 50/50 shot at this.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know.  You’re following up the CC on one of the world’s greatest Packards with a pic of a Packard-baker?

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    VW Squareback, 1970.

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      I’m pretty sure it is a VW Type III, but considering the darkness of the picture and the material on the fender well and floor I’m going to say Fastback. Since I have a ’68 in my garage I’m going to arbitrarily go with it being a ’68 Volkswagen Fastback.

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    Dr Lemming

    The picture appears to show a wheel well.  Since the floor is flat that might suggest the cargo area of a wagon.  If the theme is Packards, that could mean a 1957-58 wagon, but I’d guess that Paul has more taste than that.  So how about a 1948 Eight estate sedan with the cool woody treatment?
    Eh.  Doubt there’s one of those running around Eugene, but they sure look nice in the picture books.

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      Dr Lemming

      Just saw a photo of a ’48 Packard wagon, which had slates on the floor, which reminded me that lots of wagons have them.  Ahem.  And then I noticed the seat-back structural bracing.  So flat floor trunk that looks fairly well appointed, old and tall.  Did I say tall?  Perhaps the items on the floor offer further hints, but I’m not catching them.  So … 1949 Nash Ambassador?

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    I’m going to guess a propane powered Crown Victoria. I assume the owner popped the trunk to show Paul the refuelling kit inside.

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    I think pleiter is close, it must be a VW of some sort, maybe a 412.

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    The small wheelwells and the height suggests early 50’s late 40’s, and there’s a bulge at the top, suggesting hinges or even a convertible roof. And it’s too dark to be a wagon. Seriously tough one this.

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    What are the chances there’s a Kaiser Traveller still in existence? If one does exist, it would be in Eugene OR, maybe even as a daily driver.

    I’m going out on a limb, and guessing a 49 – 52 Kaiser Traveller.

    Edited: From Paul’s vague clue, I’m thinking that it’s something newer.

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