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In this first look at Nissan’s 2011 Versa, we’re seeing a very different car from the high-roofed, gangly subcompact that has been dominating the B-segment sales charts all year. Which begs the question: should Nissan mess with success? With Kia’s Soul sneaking up on the Versa in year-to-date subcompact sales, will a sleeker sedan keep the Versa riding high, or will it lose out to boxier, more practical offerings?

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12 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Visions Of A New Versa Edition...”

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    I wouldn’t put too much faith in the sketch. Sure, all the surfaces and details will be on the real thing, but the proportions will likely be alot different (read: uglier). If the Versa remains a C-segment car at B-segment prices, I don’t think it will lose any appeal.

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    I wouldn’t trust the sketch too much. While I’m sure all the basic design cues and details will carry over to the real car, the proportions are likely to be less sleek than presented above.

    As long as the Versa remains a C-segment car at B-segment prices, I don’t think it will lose any of its appeal.

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    Why not offer the Versa as a sleek sedan and a wagon if they’re moving that many of them?  I know, Americans hate wagons.  Call it the Versa SUV and the soccer moms will be all over it.

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    I doubt the final product will have the rendering’s grille, which bears a passable resemblance to Lexus’s chrome-rimmed corporate face.

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    If that rendering is accurate, that’s a worse hack job then the xB got.  Unless they want a sedan variant and will push all the B-segmenters to the Cube.

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    Nissan has a high-roof classical B-segment car in the new Micra/March which shares platforms with the Versa.
    Honestly, the Versa has alway been a little awkward in dimensions for the sedan model, it would do Nissan good to have a design that is more sedan-like for the North American market and keep the Micra/March for European and Asian markets (or even bring it here if they can find a market).

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    Is it going to use the new Micra ‘v’ platform?

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    If it gets the sketch’s 10-series tires, it will have an edge over the Soul in handling.

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    This would have to be 2012 MY at the earliest. The ’11s are already out.  If it’s as soft as the current model, I don’t care what the styling looks like.  A sporty model with the Juke turbo engine could be cool though.

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    If the Versa becomes sleek and coupe-like and, as a result, dimensionally challenged, it’s sales will absolutely crater.
    The Versa isn’t the top-selling subcompact because it’s stylish or sporty.  I’d hazard it’s the top-selling compact because it isn’t stylish or sporty.  It’s roomier than a many fullsize sedans (back to front), rides better than many midsizers and gets subcompact mileage.  It’s the big-car experience that North Americans love, but in a small package.
    I could see the point of a sportier Versa sibling, alongside the mainstream models.  Hey, maybe a crossover-ish sporty offering; a kind of Impreza Outback-like vehicle, only with far more bizarre styling.  I can see it now, but I can’t think of a name…

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    For the love of Christ, stop the stretchy headlights! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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