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    Interesting discussion but if CR is such an influence on carbuying habits then I guess we should all be resigned to  follow CR and conventional wisdom and sport Uber reliable driving appliances from the Asian brands. I know i do! my G37 S has been the most reliable vehicle …..wait, no. Well, actually the 330ci it replaced was good and the 328 ic it replaced was good and the company cars I had, the impala and the Intrepid, they were good to so……. In fact the only car that actually blew up was a 2000 Honda Accord! with 800 miles on it! with my wife in it on 95 south at night!

    Point is this, Over all, cars are more reliable than ever and most drive trains (exept Fords, two mustangs were crap, metal in the oil at 55k, the other caught on fire as the new owner attempted to drive away) warranties take care of the issues all new cars have and if taken car eof last well into 100k miles regardless of brand. Current car aside, I refuse to not enjoy  driving, wether its a 5 minute trip or longer. My next purchase will be a solid used car that makes me smile to drive it. I do not know yet which brand, model it will be, but it will not be a Hondifiniyota.

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