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Approximately two weeks ago, I reported how Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winterkorn, confirmed that Porsche was going to bring us a new, smaller SUV. A sort of younger brother to the Cayenne called the “Cajun”. Well, it appears that the “Cajun” and few other things aren’t so clear cut. Either that or someone doesn’t value their career at Volkswagen. Or rather Porsche.

Autocar reports that Porsche’s new CEO, Matthias Mueller, has a somewhat different view of Porsche. According to him, plans for the Cajun, for a sub-Boxster roadster and a few other projects have been put on hold, pending a review. In fact, a review of ALL new models Porsche wants to bring out is about to start.

Is that an axe I hear swishing in Stuttgart? “We have to clarify how we are to spread out our product program – below, above, left and right – and so on and we’ll see,” said Herr Mueller. “There are a lot of questions still to be answered and we want to create a business case (for them)…Then it will be possible.” The review is hoping to make its decisions by the end of 2010. From the sound of Mueller’s statement, it also could take a few years more.

Herr Mueller also called into question Winterkorn’s plans to make Porsche sell 150,000 units annually. “Mr Winterkorn mentioned 150,000 units, two weeks ago, and I’ve seen that figure,” the Porsche CEO said. “Of course we have to increase volume, but we first have to look at the other issues; we have to have profit and we intend to keep ourselves premium.” I don’t wish to sound like Chicken Little, but could this be the start of dischord and a possible power struggle between Wolfsburg and Stuttgart? I certainly hope so. Ever since “The Sopranos” finished, I’ve missed a family at a good old war.

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8 Comments on “Spicy Porsche Stories: Not So Fast, Herr Winterkorn…...”

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    If Winterkorn is a good manager:
    1) he will give a stretch vision, and suggestions upon which that vision is based,
    2) he will adjust that vision to fit the intersection of what he wants the organization/brands/products to be/become, and the reality of how the market sees the brands,
    3) he well tell this to his lieutennants “You are responsible for Porsche, dig into it, learn about it.  You know my vision, I expect you to deliver it.  If you see parts that are not feasible, be prepared to vigorously defend your position.  I’m willing to reasonalbly adjust my vision, but make no mistake.  If you don’t deliver, or you waste time or money, you will be gone.”

    Comment: The guy running Porsche has an easy job because, unlike VW, Skoda, Seat, he really is not competing against other VW-brands (perhaps Panamera against something from Bently, Cayenne, or Cayenne Jr. against Touareg, but not so much. The guys competing in the B-, C-, C/D-segments have their work ahead of them not to overlap themselves too much. I still see too much overlap between VW-Skoda, and Skoda-Seat.)

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    It could also have been that he realized that he ran off at the mouth and said:
    “Let’s do what we always do: Start a committee!”
    Most used slogan at VW:
    “Wenn man nicht mehr weiter weiss, gruendet man nen Arbeitskreis.”
    (When you don’t know what to do, start a committee.)

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    When they go home from work, Porsche employees will facebook that the new Cajun mini-crossover, Zatarain roadster, Popeye compact sedan, Crawfish UNIMOG, and Gumbo minivan are all still on the drawing board…

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    i don’t know how this isn’t a forgone conclusion
    porsche like money yes?

    after selling the cayman, cayenne and panamera and making billions of dollars of these tragic wastes of space, they decide to ask if they are ‘diluting their brand’ NOW???
    just make the damn Cajun/Tiguan and count the dollars rolling in

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    I assume the baby Porsche is based off the Q5 / Tiguan
    What is the german word for ‘my wife wants a SUV but cannot park to save her life so I need a small SUV with no storage capacity’?

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    You did a great job with your accounts of the last Porsche/Piech battle, but you chickened out on the novel I suggested that would have made you a celebrity rich enough to buy TTAC. The upcoming battle could have been the smash-hit sequel.  It’s still not too late – check out litigation insurance, or getting the publisher to assume liability – they probably have insurance anyway, since they’re the bigger target. As Marty Robbins or somebody similar once said, Dare To Be Rich!

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