By on October 29, 2010

(Update: well, I like stumping you, but not that much. Does this bigger picture help?)

The ’92 Tempo Coupe’s “grille” stumped you clue-nailing maniac aces. That sure doesn’t happen often. As a consolation, here’s a Clue for our Saturday CC, which I normally don’t do. All that glitters is not silver, ore something like that.

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    redav - Everyone’s job has this type of limitation. The great ones find ways to do both–which is why they are successful, and they choke out those who can’t...
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    Arthur Dailey - For decades I believed that ‘automotive journalism’ was an oxymoron. Due to as you mentioned the ‘stick’ of making cars available, jetting...
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    redav - A site like this is only as good as the TEAM that writes for it. TTAC has lost some great talent, and I count Alex among the best of that group.
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    tresmonos - I agree.

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