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Before I credit our last winner, I need to repeat some basic CC Clue rules: some folks come to the Clue long after others have already guessed, and possibly identified the car. In order not to spoil it for them, here’s what we’ve previously agreed on: place your guesses, but don’t crow about being absolutely sure of it, and don’t post supporting evidence (links). And if others agree with a certain guess, it’s ok to just say “+1” or “I agree”, but let’s leave it at that. That will let everyone have a shot at it without feeling demoralized ahead of time. And I always recognize our winner the next time around.

Speaking of which, Jimal nailed the Ami Break on the second guess. And though I usually refrain from any hints, let’s just say we’ll give French cars a break for now.

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21 Comments on “Curbside Classic Clue...”

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    Austin Greene

    Looks like an F150 grille.

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      I want to say you are correct but something it gnawing at me on this one. I want to say mid-60’s Chevrolet. I just have this feeling that I’ve opened that hood before. Okay, not that hood, but you know what I mean.

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      Forget the mid 60’s Chevrolet truck. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that this is the filler panel between the grille and bumper on a mid 80’s (pre Ram) Dodge D-Series pickup. I had one of these not too long ago. I love it and its slant six goodness but it was too ugly to keep in the front yard so I got rid of it. The kid I sold it to first came and looked at it a week before he got his driver’s license, came over the night he earned his license, took it for a test drive and bought it on the spot.
      But I digress, which is okay because I’m probably wrong.

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    It looks like the front air dam on a 1986-93 Volvo 240.  Depending on the year/model, they were body colored or black.

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    Mid-1960s Ford pickup truck where the hood meets the grille

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    Steven Lang

    I’m dead wrong on this one… so I’ll guess on two…
    Mid 1990’s Ford Explorer
    Early 1990’s Chrysler minivan

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    Ford Ranger — 1983 to 1988.

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    Early to mid 60’s Chevrolet Apache.

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    Hmmm…something old…Ding, Ding, Ding, I win! I’ll have to go with Apache, or even a Cameo, which would be a real CC!

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    Dr Lemming

    As a quick (and wild) guess, how about the 1966-69 Rambler American?

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    1978 Ford F-150

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    Off topic, but whose email should I write to in order to submit a question to one of our resident agony uncles in regards to a car decision?

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      ??? could you elaborate or clarify your question?

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      Well my question is fairly simple. I’m in the market for a new car and just like everyone else, I am trying to maximize the earning value of my money. I’ve been arguing with myself for over a month now trying to make up my mind but the more I try to focus on one particular car, the more I find my thoughts straying towards another. I have the feeling that inevitably I am going to be facing buyers remorse no matter what decision I ultimately make. With that being said, I don’t have a choice set in stone but ideally I want something sporty. I originally had my eye set on the genesis coupe but I found my eye wandering towards the 370z instead. The base model is at the upper limit of my price range and while my heart says yes, my mind scoffs as it’s practicality or lack thereof. The alternative is either a Honda CR-Z (Yes, I know what most people here think of it) or a 2011 Kia Optima/Sonata plus a 650cc sport bike. The pricing is about the same for both options, but I cannot for the life of me decide whether to go with the more expensive (and cooler!) car or a more practical commuter coupled with a crotch rocket. What say you all?

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      cmdjing,  send your question to our New Or Used column: [email protected]

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    84-88 Ford Bronco II

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    Robert Schwartz

    Mitsubishi Galant circa 2000

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    Dave M.

    1975-76 Ford Pick Up.

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    I vote for mid sixties Chevy pickup (maybe 1966). Photo just above the bumper I think.

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    1600 MKII

    Late to this game but – my instincts said American – but now I think a 65 or 66 American 440 (convertible?)

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