By on September 13, 2010

Remember the Saturn Vue? It’s back, baby, and more cannibalistic than ever. Starting in 2011, the refreshed Chevrolet Captiva will be undercutting Opel’s Antara, itself a rebadge of the same Daewoo Winstorm. Because what Opel needs right now is to prove that sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for a German brand on your rebadged Korean Crossover. That’s what you call giving a brand a sense of purpose. Meanwhile, does anyone out there actually miss the Vue?

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26 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Vue To Rebadge Edition...”

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    The one photo looks like a Honda CR-V re-skin.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    I like that look better than the Equinox.  Nice to see that reguardless of how you feel about the Chevy “family face” it is being consistently maintained.

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      I agree with you  up to a point. I think that the new face is ok on bigger cars. But here in Brazil, the land of tinymobiles, it doesn’t work out so sweet. On the Malibu, and on the Captiva, it’s ok. But on the Agile (and it’s not even that small) it looks quite out of place.

      FWIW, in Brazil the Captiva has made some waves. They sell about 1000 a month and usually are in 5th place inthe “SUV” category. Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Tucson, Mitsu Pajero (Montero for you folks up North and in the rest of Latin America) and Honda CR-V are all outselling it. Not so bad for a car that retails down here for around 90,000 reais (or at R$1,8=US$1) or 50,000 US dollars.

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      I wonder if the mexican plant keeps making the VUE just for the latin american markets, where it’s sold as “Chevy Captiva”. Do you know, Marcelo?

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      The Captiva isbuilt in Mexico and imported into Brazil free of tax. That’s as much as I know. So this car is sold for Mexico and Brazil. But as far as I know, they always branded these cars in said markets as a Chevy. Saturn never made it to Brazil. In Mexico could there be a Saturn Vue and a Chevy Captiva? I doubt it.

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      No, what I mean is – the mexican plant isn’t making the VUE/Captiva for the american market anymore, since Saturn is dead. So, the mexican plant is making the VUE/Captiva exclusively for the latin american markets? I would guess the numbers wouldn’t justify keep producing it for long, since the Captiva is pretty expensive and isn’t a big seller here in Brazil (I mean in general, because they sell a lot of Captivas for the price they ask for it).

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    Yet another lap in the race between GM trying to kill Opel and Opel trying to become viable as a standalone company.

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    Is this vehicle destined for Europe only?  Or will it show up in North America?

    If it’s destined for North America, isn’t it redundant against the Equinox?

    And if the Equinox is the latest thing, why doesn’t Chevy sell that in Europe, instead of the Vue?

    Are they doing this so that they can roll out something with the two-mode hybrid/PHEV feature, somewhere?

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    Rusted Source

    Someone must have held a meeting on a Friday.  All new ideas are great and everyone is agreeable on a Friday.

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    Just what they need to compete with the Cheapuinox.

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    IMO, the Vue rebadge looked better than this.

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    Buick must be so jealous.

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    Wife’s first car was a Buck Opel by Isuzu, so good to see GM tacking back wards to the brand incoherence that helped sink them…

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    Just what Opel needs in their home market, more competition from Chevrolet-Daewoo.  The folks running things at the Tubes never seem to learn from the past.

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    Man the Chevy version is ugly with that big grille. I’ll take the Opel front end please.

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    I liked the Vue.
    I think it was getting very nice reviews as well.

    If it’s the same platform as so many others, that’s not a bad thing.
    I kind of think, I know, everybody is doing this.
    In fact…is it possible to survive today if you don’t do this????
    What really matters is WHAT differences they are making each time they do this.
    This can mean all the difference in the world.

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    The Vue was at one point Saturns best selling vehicle. So yeah, I’d say people miss it.

    It’s just too bad it lost the Honda drivetrain during it’s second generation.

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    The way of the future… nothing but ever-so-mildly redone Chevrolet-woos. First the Cruze, now this.

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    Its also going to be offered in Australia as the Holden Captiva, with a diesel option it seems –
    The current Holden Captiva also looks better than the Chevrolet –

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    This car also makes it to the middle east as the GMC terrain, Chevrolet Captiva, and Opel Antarra…good thing they don’t sell Daewoos other than in Syria (has something to do with the sanctions) or else we would have 4 versions of the same car… now that is Cannibalism

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    slow kills

    The Voo was an awkward name, but Captiva just sounds like a foreign captive.
    Is the captive the owner that is trapped inside, or the car which was nabbed from Saturn?

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    Hmmm, looks like it would be more appropriate as a “Cuplander”

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