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The last time we looked at the evolving Opel Astra coupe, I wondered

what do you call a Buick coupe that could fit under the hood of a classic Riviera?

Though we have a much better idea of what the Astra Coupe looks like, and we know that the Astra sedan/wagon will be called the Buick Verano in the US market, the question remains unanswered. Surely “Buick Verano Coupe” is too bland for what could (in theory) be the next Integra/RSX. Skyhawk? Apollo? Wildcat? Or is the dearth of promising names indicative of the challenges facing any compact Buick Coupe?

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30 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: A Buick Too Far? Edition...”

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    Absolutely nothing wrong with that picture, as long as it offers a manual transmission.  If so, bring it on, I’m interested.

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    Verano?  OMG FAIL!

    That bad boy is most certainly a Buick Somerset.

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    Good Til Canceled?


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    Hey Ewanick, oh great Hyundai marketing god, do not call these new compact Buicks “Verano”. Ugh. If they have to use a name from the past, Skylark would be better. It’s incredible that with all of GM’s marketing wunderkinds, “Verano” was the best they could come up with. Pathetic.

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    They’re really going to do this, aren’t they?  They’re really going to make Buick into Pontiac because, you know, cannibalizing Chevy worked so well the first time they tried it.

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    Nice car. Too bad GM USA has no place to put it.

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    This would be a real image enchancer for Buick, but of course they won’t bring it here because it’s a hatchback. And we all know that we stupid Americans won’t buy hatchbacks. Ditto Chevy Cruze 5 door hatch. Looks better than the sedan, but we won’t get it. What is GM afraid they might sell more cars with additional bodystyles? I don’t get it.

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    Verano? Murano? Potato? Po-tah-to?
    Let’s call the whole thing off!
    Hideous name.
    What’s wrong with Skylark?

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    Why not call it the Buick Special?  What do I know, I still can’t tell the difference between a Lacrosse and a Regal!

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    I had a math prof named Verano in college.  Back to the topic at hand, I say no small cars for Buick; that’s what Chevy is for.  The Skylark name was used on a midsize car in the 60s — that role is now taken by the Regal, which should be as small as Buick goes.

    I don’t recall the Skyhawk, Apollo, or last-generation Skylark (1990s) being raging successes.

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      I wouldn’t buy it if it were called a Skyhawk (very bad experience in one when I was 4). In minor defense of the car it was already 14 years old at the time, but still.

      As regards the picture, I like it, but can’t afford new and since hatches are a no-go here it won’t be on the used market.

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    Verano sounds awkward and bland to me, but at least it’s not a made-up name (a couple communes in Italy are called Verano.) I frankly don’t care what badge they slap on this (heck, a Mazda badge wouldn’t be out of place) – it’s a 3-door hatchback, which is my ideal configuration for a car. We need more of these in the states. Even if no one buys them, it makes me happy to know they’re still for sale.

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    Pillared or pillarless, if the back windows aren’t made to open, count me out. Four-doors for me, then. The back window shape says “Acura”/”Accord” to me. Looks nice, though.

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    I don’t like the Verano name.  I would like a 4 door hatch with a 2.0L DI turbo.  That would be pretty sweet.

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    I vote for Buick Skyhawk.
    The first Skyhawk was a Chevy Monza/Pontiac Sunbird variant (an ofshoot of the Vega) and a 2-door car.  I owned a 1978 Sunbird notchback with the 3800 V6 (called a 231 cu in at the time) – 4 speed manual.
    I share the concern about too many Buicks.  Small cars should probably be Chevrolet.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    It better have a really high rent interior.  Call it the Buick Somerset Regal, my buddy Jeff had one back when we were in high school.  Not a bad car.

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    Let’s hope someone, somewhere at GM realizes this is a stupid name. GM are you listening? Most people don’t like “Verano”! It must have focus grouped well, but it’s ghastly. Why saddle what looks a promising new Buick with a moniker only a mother could love. I want you to meet my new baby, little Verano…

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    Verano=Venza + Murano
    GO back to the Buick import coupe roots-Manta.

    Last GM product I bought.


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      +1 to everything Bunter said.  Verano rhymnes with Murano, no reason to go there.  If they want to dredge up some history, go with Manta.  It was a cool little import coupe sold by Buick, which is exactly what this is.

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      Back in the day, Buick used to sell Opels as entry-level cars that for many years were smaller than even their compact Buicks.  Maybe they should go back to selling small cars under the “Opel” nameplate again.  I wouldn’t mind buying an Opel Astra or an Opel Manta.

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    As someone else said – since its a 3 door hatchback it will never be sold in the USA so who cares what they call it.

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    Buick Gran Sport is my knee jerk reaction. But personally I like Sommerset GS

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    We could have an inane jumble of numbers and then borrow the trim levels from Chrysler and Kia and have a trim line Shock (!).

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    Wow, first the Cruze 5-door, now this! Where was this design ingenuity before, GM? Too bad it won’t be sold here, at least as a 3-door. A 5-door, however, would be just the ticket.
    I agree that this shouldn’t be a Buick, at least in the states. However, cars will be shrinking due to the 2016 fuel economy regs, so it may be inevitable that Buicks will have to get this small. If it does come to the US as a Buick, then it needs to offer top-notch materials, quality and amenities that can’t be found on a Chevy.

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      /If it does come to the US as a Buick, then it needs to offer top-notch materials, quality and amenities that can’t be found on a Chevy./

      Which is frightening, as the quickest way to do that is probably to downgrade the Chevy.

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    I can’t believe people are suggesting the name Somerset. I thought Buick was trying to lose the grandma-car image.

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    Nice looking car. Agree with Flipper, ‘Gran Sport’ feels about right. Agree with Jonathon about ‘Somerset’ sounding like it’s for the blue-haired crowd. On the other hand, if we don’t like the Spanish word for ‘summer,’ how about a nice Spanish spring: the Buick Primavera.

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    This is terrible as a Buick. Styling is way too aggressive and boy-racerish. I would like to see a larger, more formal coupe from Buick – something with modern but slightly understated styling, like a toned down Cadillac perhaps for those who don’t want to stick out as much, and then stuffed with an LS or blown V6.
    Sadly, America no longer wants large coupes and only kids and people going through midlife crises are allowed to drive compact sport coupes.

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