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Lawyers would have to do pro bono work, or subsist on doing divorces and writing wills, would it not be for Toyota. Toyota’s contribution to the world of jurisprudence is immeasurable. They are in a drawn-out lawsuit against their own (former) lawyer. And they are named in more than 300 federal and state lawsuits including proposed class actions over allegations that the vehicles suddenly accelerated and couldn’t be stopped. Toyota is trying to put the brakes on that.

Toyota asked a judge in Santa Ana, CA, to throw out lawsuits over sudden acceleration claims. According to Toyota, the suits are based on anecdotes and fail to identify any specific defects in the vehicles, says Bloomberg. A hearing on Toyota’s request to dismiss the lawsuits is scheduled for Nov. 19 in Santa Ana.

Lawyers also sue Toyota for losses, because the media circus has “caused defective vehicles’ values to plummet.” Defective vehicle’s values? What are they talking about?  Most Toyotas had taken a hit, says the Blue Book. Maybe consumers should sue the lawyers …

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7 Comments on “Toyota Asks For Sudden Deceleration Of Lawsuits...”

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    Lawyers also sue Toyota for losses, because the media circus has “caused defective vehicles’ values to plummet.”

    I hope that one goes through, if only because it would set an absolutely fascinating precedent.  It’d also kill, oh, the market for just about any non-consumable product, but hey, collateral damage…

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    I do like the title, nice one BS.

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    Perhaps Toyota should just pull out of the US market.  You’d have American politicians and consumers taking the begging stance. Then Americans can stick with their GM and Chrysler cars, which incidentally no one around the world wants because they are so awful in every aspect you could think of.
    Would I trust your life with a Toyota or a GM car?

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      Chicago Dude

      Hyundai is already doing a good job of pushing Toyota out.  If Toyota doesn’t get their act together, in 15 years they’ll be lucky to have 5% market share.

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      No one around the world wants GM products?
      Funny, GM is likely to take the lead of top automaker in the world this year from Toyota despite the shuttering of three brands and the sell off of a fourth.
      Who makes those great cars in Australia again?

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    i think that video would have fit much better

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    Toyota is not the only one being sued. The courts are actually very full these days. Litigators are making lots of money. It seems recessions stimulate the legal trade.

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