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No, not the silly humpbacked 911. That’s just Porsche’s latest wallet-lightening technology. Porsche’s nod to heritage is in the fact that it’s building only 356 of these 911 “Speedsters.” Because, you see, the first Porsche Speedsters were based on the Porsche 356. Oh yes, and by limiting an “exclusive” to a few hundred units means Porsche can charge $204,000 for a 408 HP 911. Which, after all, is actually the more significant nod to Porsche heritage: the 911-based Speedsters, which arose in the cocaine and yuppie-fueled 80s, have long been a high point in Porsche’s proud tradition of charging silly money for ever-so garish “special editions.” Doesn’t heritage just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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19 Comments on “Porsche’s Nod To Heritage...”

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    They charge what the market will bear. The 1993 RS America’s hold their value very well. They were de-contented 964 variant 911s. Porsche will find 356 people with the money. I don’t think there are many Boxster Spyders languishing on dealers lots which shows you can sell a convertible that basically has a tent fly in place of a real convertible top.

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      Yes, the trick is getting the market to bear it. As Ed notes, their technology in this area is perhaps without parallel.

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      +1 Price is based on the market perception of value not cost of production. If Porsche can get away with it, good luck to them.

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      I don’t get why people berate the Spyder’s top. It’s weight saving in a car where that’s the whole point. Porsche actually built a superleggera without cheating.
      Do you want a folding hard top on your se7en?

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      I’m not sure the top is much lighter. Much of the weight savings in the Spyder probably comes from the air conditioning delete…

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      The AC delete is a big part of the savings, but so is the top and the motor for it.
      Honestly, though. Give a senior level Industrial Design class a few kilobucks and point them in the direction of bendy tent-poles (ala backpacking tents), ripstop nylon top material and a disposable zip in/out plastic window plus a couple of glorified bungee cords to tension the whole mess to the rear lid. It couldn’t be weirder, more inconvenient or weigh much more than what they have offered.
      And again, I do not like the dowager humps. No, sir.

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    I don’t get why people berate the Spyder’s top.

    I berate it because if you were just after performance, you’d keep the top, get rid of the dowager’s hump and add some nice bits and pieces – coilovers and other suspension upgrades, plus a reflash and/or a TPC light pressure turbo. (Well, you’d do this as an owner, because Porsche sees a way to make waaay more money).
    But then it wouldn’t be Exclusiv.

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      “I berate it because if you were just after performance, you’d keep the top, get rid of the dowager’s hump and add some nice bits and pieces – coilovers and other suspension upgrades”

      If it were just performance, you could stuff that engine and differential in a Cayman.

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    Patiently awaiting Saleen and Rouche additions

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    Finding 356 suck…er…buyers for this latest 911 variant won’t be an issue. Regardless of what we commoners might think about Porsche’s pricing and model positioning, it doesn’t matter for bupkis. Porsche knows its market well, and it’s not the average car buyer.
    It’s the filthy rich middle-age and older white guy Wall Streeter/doctor/dentist/Silicon Valley entrepreneur who doesn’t give a flying fuchs about cost, only about image and having the latest P-car that’s not like anybody else’s. He’ll pay up to get it, and Porsche’s really good at giving it to him. Repeatedly.

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    That’s a serious waste of money

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    These will sell for $350K + in ten years.  Good place to put your 401K!

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    LOL “wallet-lightening technology”

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    The cynical nature of Porsche’s pricing makes your wonder how far they can push things before the market pushes back.  Sales of Cayman/Boxsters suggests they may be at that point in the US with these cars which makes their plans to push these cars upmarket VERY interesting

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      NORAD at Quonset Point RI is projecting processing 11000 porkers through the port in the next year. Wonder how many will be Panameras and Cayennes? Not too many Cayman/Boxsters sold here although with foreign market nosebleed pricing I guess they do OK elsewhere as any car is a lot more of a reach.
      For the GTs (911s) and sports cars (Cayman/Boxster) I think they need to reemphasize engineering.
      1)no more surprises when you track the cars or use them as meant on the street – IMS failures for example, or cooked power steering
      2)better quality engine parts – Carillo-grade forged rods and pistons for example – ditto for suspension and transmission
      3)a real torque biasing LSD – the one they have assumes you won’t really use it
      4)better grade interior – lots of owners grouse about this
      5)but continue to de-emphasize fripperies – the car should be entertaining enough without fancy Nav systems and other electronic crap

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      It’s not the high priced poseur special editions that bother me, its the technical problems like IMS failures, oil cooler hoses blowing off, thin brake rotors, and the like that signals Porsche’s fall from grace.  That, and the lack of prototype sports car racing.  Audi hold that position in the VAG, so no more 917s or 962s.  Selling pimp mobiles to fund racing was cool, selling pimp mobiles to build a financial empire to buy VW is sad. (And failing to do it sadder still.)

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    Maybe I can undercut the market by offering the porsche exclusive value pack
    – For $200k, you get a Porsche 911S and a t-shirt that says “My 911 cost more than your 911′

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    Why do I want the hunchback of Notre Dame instead of a GT3RS?

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