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Confused by the EPA’s proposed letter-grade system for fuel economy labels [proposed rule in PDF format here]? Check out the letter grades given to the top-selling cars in America [via Automotive News [sub]].

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18 Comments on “EPA Grades America’s Best-Selling Cars...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    The Impala and Escape both can be had with optional engines, why is there not multiple grades for those vehciles?

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    Obbop neither works nor plays well with the other students.
    Pa found it interesting after a couple years of that declaration within MY report card it went from hand-written to printed.

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    Apprently our rulers have deemed us too stupid to comprehend numbers. Why not just have a series of simple smiley, with 10 grades between full frown and full grin?

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      The numbers are still there for those inclined to study more nuance than a grade. The grades are there merely for the ADHD among us who can’t or won’t make the effort to understand numbers.

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    Ooooh, everything is average nowadays…

    I’m not familiar with all the details on the mileage ratings, but I think the labels should prominently show gallons per mile, CAFE standards should be the same for cars and trucks/SUVs, and if they use an A/B/C/D/F system, it should be a moving target.

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    The retarded voters and their goofball parasitic masters are fun to watch…Eh?

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    So a four cylinder RAV4 is just as good as a four cylinder sedan.
    That’s going to be the problem with this rating style: different scales for different categories of vehicles.
    Maybe instead of smiley-frowny faces, they can use the terror threat level colors, so we finally learn that scale.
    Just give me numbers. Please.

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    I get it…it’s the Consumer Reports rating strategy. Only instead of adjusting the break points between categories to do maximum damage to US manufacturers, Uncle Sam can select the dividing lines between letter grades to favor its own. Brilliant, I say!

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    It’s a bad system, so I can’t even comment on the relative rankings.
    But it would certainly vex GM to see a Volt get a B+ and the Nissan Leaf get an A.

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    Just like everything else with a squashed scale, everything is stuffed into the middle, making the range of the scale meaningless.
    Number ratings were good to compare.  You can compare 25 to 30.  You could even compare 30 to 32.  And you could definitely compare 18 to 30.  But what’s a B?  What’s a B-?  How do they compare?
    Someone mentioned the Rainbow Terror Threat scale.  It’s somewhat similar, in that the top level’s not going to be used, nor will the bottom, except for very scary cars.

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    I find this grading system by the Federal Nanny Nags to be excessive as well.
    However, there are some really clueless folks out there.  They buy a 4,000 lb vehicle with a 250 hp V6 and automatic transmission – then complain in various consumer reviews about getting less than 20 mpg in town.
    Another problem I have with even the old rating system is not all commutes are the same.  The daily drive to work is a lot in Sydney, NE than it is Houston, TX.

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    Just gimme the numbers… I will decide what letter grade to give a car based on what I want, not on what someone in an office at a desk thinks I want.

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    It was my understanding that the EPA does not validate manufacturer claims on mileage… just that the mfg had to adhere to EPA approved testing procedures.
    If this is the case, having the EPA assign letter grades is akin to having a class of 5th graders self grade tests.  The teacher just makes sure that they’re all using the right answer key.

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    I am not a fan of the letter grades.  Seems like you must have a hybrid to get an A.  I hate that.

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    Oh heck….
    Political correctness demands inclusion of all cultures so on-demand hand-outs using hieroglyphics will add to the confusion.

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