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As with most EVs, we knew about the CODA EV for a long time before a price was ever trotted out (the car was first mooted as the Miles XS500, and was scheduled for a 2009 launch before reality struck). And even before we knew the price, we reckoned that a Chinese-built sedan with Chinese battery cells thrown into it in Southern California would face its fair share of challenges. Now that the CODA EV has been priced at $44,900 (full specs here), we’re certain of it. Of course, Federal tax breaks bring the CODA down to $37,400, and a further California incentive could bring it as low as $32,400, or about $400 less than a Nissan Leaf… before tax breaks. Why would anyone pay $12,000 more for a Chinese fly-by-night when they could have a Nissan? CODA CEO Kevin Czinger tells Automotive News [sub] that

Price is not a decisive factor in the sale of electric cars. I think the 40 percent additional range, and 40 percent additional battery energy with all-season thermal management, is the decisive factor
Unfortunately, his basic premise is wrong. A Financial Times [sub]/Neilsen poll shows that three quarters of American consumers would buy an EV, but that 65 percent would only buy one if it cost the same as a gas car. Meanwhile, $45k still buys a lot of gas-powered car, and most major OEMs will have EVs on the market soon. We give CODA about two years .
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8 Comments on “CODA EV: $44,900 For An Electrified Hafei Saibao...”

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    Makes the Volt look like a screaming deal.

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    The Leaf is $32k before incentives, and about $25k after them.  The Coda isn’t even close.
    I agree with the 2-year prediction: Year 1 sales will be horrible, and Year 2 is spent trying to recover, followed by an exit statement.

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    For the money, I’d rather buy a Volt. Just my gut feeling.

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    Billy Bobb 2

    IIRC, their press release mentioned Benecia, which is in the Bay Area, so the batteries would be lobbed at the car in Northern California. No biggie, both places need the temporary work.

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    Did they start W/ a last generation Elantra?

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    It’s sounding like final assembly of these things will take place in a my hometown of Benicia, CA (that’s Benicia with an “i”) on property owned by Amports where they have several hundred acres, and operates as a major port for auto shipments from Asia. Guess they expect to be there for at least 3 years. We’ll see.

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    I actually saw one of these yesterday, driving along on the streets of Santa Monica, California. I couldn’t figure out what it was, even after I saw “Coda” on the car. Judging from the indecision and weaving, I would guess that it was on a test drive. The Coda seemed like a perfectly pleasant $14,000 car. I can’t believe that this brand will get enough traction to stay in business for the long term. Anyone buying (as opposed to leasing) a Coda, had better mentally write off his total investment in 3 to 5 years.

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    Biggest swing and a miss is the looks on this thing.  It looks like an early 1990′s car.  At 44k, no one will want it.  The battery range is impressive.  I am glad to see that they went with a thermal management system.  I know the Leaf didn’t, but the Volt did, this did, and so did the EV Fiesta that is supposed to be coming out.  I am thinking Nissan made a mistake here with the Leaf.  Short living batteries on these cars is likely going to be a problem on the Leaf.

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