By on August 23, 2010

From the Dayton Daily News video:

A 19-year-old Mason man driving south on Interstate 675 on Monday morning near the Indian Ripple Road exit crashed his car into an overpass, breaking the car into pieces and shutting down traffic for five hours.

BLAM! Just watch the video. Not only does this guy have the stones to pass a cop in the grass, he then immediately files a flight plan to take his Firebird all the way to Mars.

The driver has been identified as Brennan S. Eden. He was undergoing surgery as of 4 p.m. Monday.
The specific cause of the crash has not yet been determined, but Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Marty Fellure said crash investigators are looking into whether speed played a factor. The investigators also will test for alcohol, which is a routine procedure.

Eden was seriously injured and flown to Miami Valley Hospital via a CareFlight helicopter, according to Fellure.
The accident happened about 7:15 a.m. Monday, Aug,. 23. Eden was driving a 1985 Pontiac Firebird south along the highway when the car went left of center and struck a culvert, which launched the car into the air until it struck the Wagner Road overpass. The Firebird disintegrated into many pieces. Eden was ejected and came to rest on the right berm of southbound I-675.
Investigators don’t know how fast Eden was driving but suspect he was traveling in excess of the 65 mph speed limit.

Yeah, I suspect that too! He was ejected from the car! In other words, that old wives’ tale about it being safer to be “thrown from the car” is TRUE! I cannot imagine he would have been long for this world had he stayed in the Firebird. This guy just about ties Kenny Brack in the horrific-accident stakes.

My take: he had to have been stoned to the gills. That wasn’t an unmarked cop car he blew by. I know from personal experience that you never start the police pursuit from behind the cruiser. What do you think?

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59 Comments on “The Maximum Speed Secret I Forgot: Avoid Launching Into Bridges...”

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    At least he passed on the left.

    I can’t figure how he lived, ejected or not.

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      Car splits open, and in doing so decelerates and bleeds-off energy … from vid, it looks like the car did a CCW rotation prior to that, so it could just be that his inertia carried him through the opening in the vehicle and that he was lucky to hit nothing more solid than the shoulder of the vehicle.

      A billion others could try exactly the same thing and have no better result.

  • avatar

    It wasn’t his time.

  • avatar

    In other words, that old wives’ tale about it being safer to be “thrown from the car” is TRUE!

    It’s true in a very specific case: when you’re travelling very fast and strike a much larger object with such force that the deceleration would otherwise certainly kill you.

    In just about any other circumstance, I’ll take the belts and airbags, thanks.

  • avatar

    Michael pressed the “turbo boost” button at exactly the wrong moment.

    (tasteless, I know…)

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    I know the guy was driving like a total lunatic, but why was that culvert placed where it was? It made the guardrail “protecting” the bridge pillar completely useless.

    BTW, did you notice how high up he hit the pillar?

    • 0 avatar

      The culvert is placed where it was because that’s where they needed to put it to pick up the water in the median swale before they transition the median up to the bridge area. Open section drainage swales are not carried through bridge underpasses.

      There are certainly ways to design it differently to protect the end section (which I’m guessing it was), but the way it was designed is certainly within accepted practice (generally culvert ends don’t need protection).

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    I thought Hazzard county was in Georgia not Ohio….

    goot goot goot

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    almost a darwin award winner

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Ummmmmm….. Something tells me it wasn’t model with the standard 4cyl Iron Duke.

    “I know from personal experience that you never start the police pursuit from behind the cruiser. What do you think?”

    There was this one time, in Putnam County Ohio I was picking my dad up at his cousin’s auto repair shop…

    • 0 avatar

      “… Something tells me it wasn’t the model with the standard 4-cyl Iron Duke”

      His car was most likely riced up with a 4-cyl Camry engine – hence the sudden unintended acceleration.

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    “Not only does this guy have the stones to pass a cop in the grass”

    Maybe he was trying to make it look like he was stomping on the brake pedal as he passed the cop ?

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    I knew a guy who passed a cop (going the same direction) at 190 km/h while driving a beat up early 80’s Camaro with the 2.8L six.

    He didn’t hit any bridges though. The guy in the video may have panicked when he recognized the cop car and lost control of the vehicle. My friend was oblivious though as it was night and he didn’t notice the cop until he saw the lights in the rear view mirror.

    So the story goes anyways (he did have the $900 ticket to prove it). I find it hard to believe the car could go that fast. They are slippery I guess.

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    I didn’t think any 1985 fire chickens were around any longer. Now there is one less.

    At least this idiot didn’t kill someone else in a headon collision. The berm and guardrail worked,.

  • avatar

    Holy Crap!- it looked less like he was passing than like he just happened to be driving 125mph down the grass median…

  • avatar
    mad scientist

    Move that berm forward a hundred feet or so…..maybe he’ll clear the bridge next time.

    Evel Knievel would have been proud.

  • avatar

    I’m sure he’ll find a way to sue the state or the engineers who designed that road section. It’s the American Way.

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    I have the strong urge to recreate his crash next time I’m going up 675 in my 1989 Lincoln Town Car, but I think it’s 1 in 1000 to hit that same spot and get THAT high.

    I’m glad he didn’t hurt anyone else. I’m super pissed at this guy because I’m sure it’ll result in some stepped-up enforcement on our already over-copped Ohio interstates.

  • avatar

    the only personal effects found so far have been a wallet, one sneaker about 100 yards from the body, and an iPhone with some webpage called ‘Maximum Street Speed Explained’ loaded up; inside the wallet was a hastily-jotted-down post-it: ‘note to self: must buy VW Phaeton.’

    when questioned later, the officer on scene recounted that the only warning he had was someone yelling,”WATCH THIS, LUKE! -YEEEEEEEHAAWWW” at the top of their lungs. sadly, the aftermarket horn setup that played the first few bars of ‘I Wish I Was In Dixie’ didn’t survive the crash.

  • avatar

    Easy explanation: KITT went bananas.

    • 0 avatar

      If every dog-year equals 7 man-years, I suppose that 1 cyber-year equals 20 man-years…

      If KITT is as old as his voice-over-artist (William Daniels, 83), then KITT would be … uh, let me do the math … uh … well, KITT would be like really, really, old! (A veritable methuselah of the GaAr world…)

      So, poor KITT may have been experencing a bit of digital dementia (perhaps thinking he was the Mach-5) just before he took flight…

  • avatar

    Responding to a few comments:

    – Stoners don’t usually drive at (what appears to be) three digit speeds. Duh, speed was a factor in causing the collision.

    – Median is narrow. There is no barrier down the middle. The reason the culvert is so deep is to try to trap a vehicle before it crosses over into oncoming traffic. This has the unfortunate consequences of not being 100% effective and of messing up the functionality of guardrails in the middle.

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    I guess I’ll have to suppress the urge to call bullsh*t the next time I see a car in a movie chase launch into the air after hitting a guard rail…

    Here’s hoping there isn’t too much pleasure taken in this guy’s fate. It’d be hypocritical to say the least for posters here to spend their time reveling in their own past exploits, railing against aggressive speeding enforcement, and proclaiming distrust for police – and then acting sanctimonious when someone else gets it wrong.

    And to Jack – I don’t know that either of these accidents hold a candle to Zanardi’s. Or those of Roger Williamson, who burned to death in his car, Tom Pryce, whose head was torn off as his car ripped a corner worker in half, or Helmuth Koinigg, who was decapitated by the armco at Watkins Glen, and whose head, still in its helmet, had to be defended from souvenier-seeking “racing fans” by a track marshal wielding a fire extinguisher.

    Yeah, I don’t think this guy even makes the list.

    • 0 avatar
      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      “Here’s hoping there isn’t too much pleasure taken in this guy’s fate. It’d be hypocritical to say the least for posters here to spend their time reveling in their own past exploits, railing against aggressive speeding enforcement, and proclaiming distrust for police – and then acting sanctimonious when someone else gets it wrong.”

      We laugh because we do not know what else to do at death, he cannot be defeated, he is inevitable. Stories like this make us think of our own misspent youth and how lucky we are to be alive. We are simply trying to accomplish what Mark Twain spoke of; “Live in a way that even the undertaker will be sorry to see you go.”

      I could tell you the rest of that story about coming up on the bumper of a Crown Victoria quite fast in the dark, a little late to pick up my father because of some “non-study” related activities at college but, this situation seems a little somber for it. (And it’s not that interesting of a story.)

      Most of us with brains on this site look back on our exploits with a more sober, wiser head and wonder how we survived. Except Baruth, he’s still writing his memoirs/exploits.

    • 0 avatar
      Jack Baruth

      True, but this fellow and Brack both survived their injuries.

      I’ve been part of two races where there was an on-track fatality. I hope I never see the third one.

    • 0 avatar

      True, but this fellow and Brack both survived their injuries.

      Jeez, what about Zanardi? I know his post-accident career hasn’t been the most notable, but give the guy a break; he’s still alive… :)

      There’ve been some pretty bad motorsport accidents where the drivers did survive… mostly involving fires. I remember seeing an Indy 500 pitlane fire on TV as a kid; fire is the thing I would fear most as a driver, and invisible fire is downright terrifying.

      I’ve never been to a race with a fatality, but my dad and uncle (who raced through the 60s, 70s, and 80s) were, I’m sure. They never ran open wheel after Formula Ford; they said it was too dangerous. I didn’t realize exactly what they meant until I saw some of the statistics for ’60s and ’70s GP racing, during which some 30% of the drivers were killed… The glory days indeed.

  • avatar

    Maybe he had some sort of medical seizure that caused it, like that person who went airborne at the toll plaza recently:

    Either way, the only thing that saved him was striking the pillar on the passenger side. Yikes.

    • 0 avatar

      At the beginning of June a fellow had a heart attack, punched the gas peddle, missed the curve and launched his (brother’s) SUV into my father’s office building. I think it was a Ford Expedition, but all I saw was a fuzzy picture on the local newspaper’s website.

      I’m not sure that he actually had a heart attack, but I do know he received a pacemaker the next day, because the cardiologist canceled my step-grandmother’s cardiac procedure in the hospital the day after the accident.

      I would assume this was a medical problem before anything else. It’s certainly a nice video, though. :)

  • avatar
    Norman Yarvin

    It looks to me, watching the video, like the car did about a 180 degree turn in the air, and thus hit the bridge abutment with its rear. That’s probably how the driver survived: slammed into his seat (the best way to take G-force), and using the whole rear half of the car as a crumple zone. “Ejected”? The notion of being ejected implies that there is some semblance of a car left, to eject from; in this case there were just pieces left.

  • avatar

    Pontiac-We built excitement…

  • avatar

    This would appear to be just to the north & east of the Dayton Mall. I-675 was built (finally & US 35 too) after like 40 years of wrangling & arguments over that land. The plan is eventually to make a ring around Dayton (much like I-285 runs around here in Atlanta), but the politics will make that another 40 year wait.

    This is really sad, but alas I knew lots of crazy guys growing up there in south-western Ohio in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    As far as passing state troopers. X-mas eve my senior year in HS, I’m coming back from the “Nati. My Dad let my drive my Mom’s then brand new 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix Brougham. :) It’s about 3 or 4 in the morning & I’m thinking my Dad is gonna kill me. As soon as I got back into Montgomery County, I floored it. (ironically, I-675 was not built back then, but I had to be less than 2 miles from this very accident). Now, having grown up there, & having been on that 42 mile stretch between Dayton & Cincinnati a bajillion times, I knew exactly where Ohio’s finest (hat tip. Ohio State Troopers south of Columbus are more “compassionate” than their northern Ohio bretheren) like to hide to catch speeders. Well I had that GP doing about 110 flat out & the whole front end was shaking. I came upon a spot& indeed smokey was there, but as i flew by, I could just make out that the brim of his “Drill Seargent’s hat was just pithced back a tad too far. I slowed down, but the guy never gave chase. By the time I got home, I realized that he must have been sound asleep.

    My Dad gave me holy-hell for coming in so late the next day, but it was totally worth it!

  • avatar
    Rod Panhard

    Even more interesting than the wreck is knowing that the All Seeing and Unblinking Eye captured the moment. How many police cruisers are so equipped? Many or most?

  • avatar
    Larry P2

    I am a big believer in seat belts and airbags, but I am proof of the validity of the “old wives tales” having some validity.

    At 70 mph, I hit two black angus bulls with a motorcycle, killing both of them instantly. Both were 1,500 pounds at least, one was standing sideways in the road and the motorcycle neatly cut it clean in half. I went over top of both bulls, sustaining massive injuries but never losing consciousness.

  • avatar
    Larry P2

    I almost forgot the moral of the story. A week later in the same area, a seatbelted Peterbuilt cement truck driver hit a brand newborn 50 pound calf, which flipped up into the windshield and killed the driver instantly.

  • avatar

    Some woman did something stupid like that in Maine a couple years ago. She was apparently speeding in the right breakdown lane on I-95 at around 100 MPH. It ended when she launched her Explorer into a tree. I think everyone in the vehicle was killed, including some young kids. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to it.

  • avatar

    There is apparently a guard rail (seen in the picture) that the vehicle hits as it enters the ditch – creating the upward motion.
    When the car “breaks into pieces” – it becomes academic what “piece” you are still attached to – if you have your seat belts on – the car structure is no longer able to protect you.
    A mid-80’s Camaro/Firebird wasn’t exactly the paragon of structural strength.

  • avatar

    Does the guy have stones? I hope not, just so that the complete moron doesn’t have any children. Was he stoned? Hell no, I can drive better than that when stoned.
    This guy is a RETARD and he doesn’t deserve to be glorified. Driving fast is one thing, doing something that stupid is a mark of severely limited cerebral capacity.
    If he hadn’t hit that bridge, his car would have landed on the other side of the freeway and hit oncoming traffic – no doubt injuring or killing someone else.
    Call me ruthless, I just think it’s a damn shame the complete cretin didn’t completely remove himself from the gene-pool.
    *Rant Over*

  • avatar

    To bad that his parachute failed to open, after guy hit ‘Eject’ button.

  • avatar

    I can’t believe he did this at 7 o’clock in the morning. And it appears he was quite close to making it over the side of the bridge. I was trying to look at the pics but all of the sudden the site wanted me to ‘register’ to read more. Nope, peace out.

  • avatar

    That bridge is gonna need fixing.

  • avatar

    Was that Super Dave Osborne?

    All I can think after watching that is that the portion of DNA governing stupidity is darn tough to kill.

    On the other hand, I don’t see that many 80’s era FIrebirds anymore and that crash means there’s one less. Truly a dying breed.

  • avatar

    I wonder if he saw the cop, intended to hit the brake, and hit the accelerator by accident. We’ll probably never know…

  • avatar
    mad scientist

    Check out the link to this article. The kid had been arrested and released just 15 minutes before this happened. Apparently had drugs & paraphernalia, and had a girl (minor) in the car with him when they nailed him. Cops sent the girl home- one innocent life saved. Hope she gets some better taste in guys, this dude looks like something out of “Deliverance”.

  • avatar

    Wow…. 2009 High school grad— hmm, there’s one theory out the window.

  • avatar

    “Pontiac. We Build Excitement.”

    No kidding.

  • avatar

    This is America, where anybody can sue anybody for anything. In California, with its deep pockets law, he would definitely have a chance for a legal recovery. When I worked for CalTrans, we were instructed to put ALL culvert ends behind the guardrail, in BOTH directions of traffic. A drunk took an offramp ONTO a freeway, moved to the “slow” right lane, and ran into a culvert headwall to avoid a head-on crash. He lost the battle with the headwall, but his next of kin won the lawsuit. Highway designers have learned never to trust juries.

    • 0 avatar

      A bit off topic, but stuff like that has always really bugged me. I’m not a fan of new laws in general, but I’d be all for legislation removing the right to sue for injuries/damages incurred on behalf of the perpetrator during the process of criminal activity.

  • avatar

    19 year old man? No, more like a perpetual reckless kid. I hope he learn his lesson, growing up, and hopefully fully recover.

    Heh, I can imagine him launched in mid air while trying to turn right during airborn, away from the bridge, why isn’t this car turning right and dodging the bridge?! AHHHH!

  • avatar

    Not even James Garner could have controlled THAT Firebird!

  • avatar

    Something like this?

    Yee haw.

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