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Whatever you do, don’t talk about anything related to the car itself. Reference an obscure previous ad for the car instead. Also, if the car’s target market is young men, be sure to make the ad’s protagonist an elderly female. Finally, the concept must be strange enough to be totally unmemorable. Then sit back and watch as your over-the-hill muscle car doubles its volume and still doesn’t quite match the Mustang or Camaro’s volume. Success!

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14 Comments on “How To Sell An Anachronistic Car...”

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    Too funny!
    Not as funny as the Geico psychiatrist, but definitely memorable.

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    Somebody in creative is making nice resume material, but it won’t sell any of those fat, cheaply-appointed parodies of a classic muscle car.

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    If the target demographic is young men – or women, they’d click away from the ad pretty quick. Actually, the woman is in the age range of a lot of Challenger, Mustang, and Camaro owners I’ve seen. I’m beginning to think of these cars as baby boomer Buicks. That age group remembers the cars when they were younger and maybe couldn’t get one when they had a family. Now, it’s the perfect car to visit the grandkids in or catch the early bird special. I haven’t seen statistics, just personal observations and definitely not scientific.

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    Better than Carly Fiorina’s insane sheep ad.

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    I just spent the weekend driving a challenger. Rental. It wasn’t terrible, but I walked away thinking it was just sort of dumb. The only reason to buy one is if one is attracted to its outside looks, which appeal either to adolescents or baby boomers who still retain memories of adolescent tastes. I can’t imagine anyone thinking the interior was attractive. Oh, and the visibility was atrocious. It nearly got me into accidents either because I couldn’t see a car or thought I saw one that wasn’t there. I also didn’t appreciate the fact that to see the gas gauge I had to move my hand on the steering wheel. The dash is dumb.

    Chrysler gave up being a serious car manufacturer long ago. I look forward to seeing Fiats in the show room. Fiat at least takes cars seriously.

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    Pretty funny for those who saw the previous ad…probably just random and confusing for those who didn’t. Also…way way way way way too long. Both the lady and the appraisers repeat themselves about ten times. This should be a minute-long spot, tops.

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    I would never be seen in a Challenger, Mustang, or Camaro. Blue collar stuff.

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    Cute ad – and yeah, a significant proportion of those cars are being bought by the 55-60 crowd. Not so much from the 20-somethings. But then, when did a late teen/early twenties kid ever have the money to buy a new car? Could have been shorter.

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    I saw the referenced print ad over the weekend for the first time and it made me laugh out loud.

    This ad is cute but just a little long.

    I almost bought a used SRT8, but when I showed up to see it, up went the garage door and there sat a Charger.

    So, so close.

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    That ad seems about 90 seconds too long, and does nothing to really make me want the car. The new Challenger in the flesh (metal?) just seems huge and bloated to those of us who were around for the original generation. After “Vanishing Point”, I really wanted one so bad, but between my age and finances, the cost of gas and insurance, it just never happened, but I always thought those Challengers were one of the best designs ever. Maybe a riff on that movie would make a great commercial for the new Challenger, it couldn’t be any worse.

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    Wow – 2:15 of dumb.

    They’re selling the Challenger like it’s a 2-door Chrysler 300.

    Which it is.

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    how many 20 y.o. kids can buy and insure a $30-$40k muscle car outside of Mum & Dad’s Bank and the wunderkids of the internet?

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    Was cool. For about 20 seconds… Had they tried to pass the new one off as a General Lee knock-off or something from Bullitt I might have paid more attention. Thats’ what they need. A Bullitt knockoff for a commercial. Use the current Mustang and just outrun the damn thing (the Mustang). Do a little CGI show a seriously pissed off Steve McQueen when he can’t keep up.
    Perhaps a whole series of commercials showing the new Challenger in place of an old Mopar in American TV and movies. Show the Challenger really performing. Maybe some coast to coast ’round the clock stuff.
    The grandma + George Washington + the Challenger makes ZERO sense.

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