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Once upon a time, luxury cars were defined by giant drop-top land barges like Cadillac’s V-16 or the Bugatti Royale. Somewhere along the way, the luxury sedan-turned-convertible has fallen out of favor with the glaring exception of one of the world’s most expensive cars: the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. But now, having pioneered the four-door coupe and (coming soon) the five-door coupe, Mercedes-Benz’s endless search for “new” segments has it looking backwards to the good old days of massive top-down touring luxury.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, the Swabian firm is looking very closely at a drophead version of its S-Class Coupe, the CL, inspired by the 2007 design study (pictured here) called “Ocean Drive.” Though the business case for such a range-topping power-cabrio has yet to be calculated, Mercedes insists that it will be a two-door convertible, despite the fact that Maybach has an S-Class-based two-door coupe in the works. Since the CL convertible will be a four-place cruiser anyway, why not go properly old-school and make it a four-door convertible like the old Mercedes “Adenauer“?

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12 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Old Segment Made New Edition...”

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    Mark out West

    The last edition of this variant was the 1971 280SE 3.5 convertible.

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    I like it. I’ll never be able to afford it, but I like it. Now if Caddy or Lincoln or Chrysler would do one at their price, which would still be high but not Mercedes territory, that would get people talking.

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      I hadn’t thought about a 300C convertible, but that would be a nifty thing indeed.

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      There are a few custom coachbuilders that turn will turn the 300 and CTS into convertibles.

      IMO, the CTS responds quite well to this treatment, which explains why GM refuses to build a CTS convertible.

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      The 300N concept would have made a great large convertible. RWD, Hemi powered, two doors but big. But then came Daimler…

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    I think the Ocean Drive concept is going to have to be what the new S-class looks like because the 2012 S-class concept I’ve seen:

    looks much too radical.

    One things for sure…its gonna sell really well regardless what it looks like. I keep getting calls from MB to trade my S in for the new S.

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    The redundancy of “two-door coupe” really grates on me. A coupe has always been a two-door car regardless of attempts by some manufacturers to put the wrong name on a swoopy sedan. Maybe “two-door coupe” got started to differentiate from “two-door sedan”, I don’t know, but “coupe” does that job well enough.

    “Do you like my Chevy Corvette? It’s a two-door coupe!”

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    Even VW is considering:

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    Hans, let’s stick extra doors on a convertible and charge more.

    Great idea, let’s take out the middle seat and cut down on headroom. Let’s call it the CLS.


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    It’s so bland that it could be whatever brand the grill suggests it to be.

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    Those are the ugliest wheels I’ve ever seen on a MB.


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    DeLorean called. They want their wheels back.

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