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When Chrysler’s CEO Sergio Marchionne took the stage over the weekend to honor Lee Iacocca with an induction into the Walter P. Chrysler Legacy circle, he admitted to feeling unworthy of honoring Chrysler’s most famous executive in recent memory, and called Ford’s Alan Mulally and the UAW’s Bob King to help share the honor. And being the business-obsessed type he is, Marchionne wasn’t about to let Mulally get on stage without at least a mention of Ford’s just-announced $2.6b profit. And though the recognition and ensuing awkward “moment” helped add to the usual Detroit gala hometown booster vibe, it also highlighted the fact that Chrysler still has yet to announce its Q2 results.

Marchionne has said that Chrysler will report a Q2 operating profit (explained at least in part by the premise that “they are likely making money from fleet sales now, while it was impossible to do before bankruptcy”), although there’s been no indication that a net profit could be in the cards. And based on the body language differences between the two CEOs, it’s clear which is more comfortable with his lot. More evidence of this can be seen in the following video of te gala’s highlights…

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10 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: Professional Jealousy Edition...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    5 years from now, Detroit will be honouring Alan Mulally for the good work he’s doing at Ford (Z71_silvy, you can’t deny that Ford is in a better place than it was 2 years’ ago).

    I hope they’ll have a function for Sergio for the same reason, too.

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    Z71_silvy is TTAC’s own Iraq Minister of Information

    here’s a bold predication… in 2014, GM and Chrysler will be in the same position they are today… there’s a distinct lack of traction in both these moribund brands

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    The UAW Parasites legally control GM, Ford, and Chrysler so it really doesn’t matter….Competition? Yeah Riiiight!

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    I find it interesting that Whiteacre wasn’t invited on stage. Does anyone have any read on what the Detroit royalty think of him? They’ve obviously adopted Mulally, to the point that he’s going to be up for sainthood when he retires but I certainly don’t get that feeling about any of the GM alumni.

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    Dr Strangelove

    Here we can see why Marchionne is wearing sweaters – didn’t know Detroit car execs were such an affectionate bunch!

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