By on July 28, 2010

Today, Porsche decided what everybody thought they would decide: They will build the mid-engined plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder. After all the pomp and circumstance at the auto shows in Geneva and Beijing, it would have been a big let-down if they would have said: “Sorry, it was just an idea. We didn’t really mean it. How about that Cayenne?”

The 918 Spyder car is so nice to the environment, it should only be available in green. It will produce only 70 g/km of CO2,  which equates  3 liter of gasoline for 100km, which translates to 78.4 mpg (YMMV). And that in a car  that is rumored to have more than 700 horses, will accelerate in 3.2 seconds to 100km and will have a top speed of around 320 km/h, or 200 mph.

The real data will be released in the following months, says Automobilwoche.

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7 Comments on “Environmentally Responsible Hooning: The Spyder 918 Will Go In Series...”

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    This reminds me of the 959, which seemed so outrageously over-the-top at the time, but forecast the future direction of super cars over the next 20 years.

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    I guess I didnt read it wong as Porsche is not going to build these 918, being reason not making enuf money, too good to be true, or just one off so is not feasible to build for the mass market.

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    10 years from now (maybe less) GM will be building Vettes configured roughly like this and selling them for $60k. Welcome to the future.

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    except the Corvette will still have the console from a Cobalt nee Cruze and the interior will still smell like a chinese glue factory on a hot day

    how about that cayenne?

    deafening silence?

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    Sorry, I can’t see a Porsche fan wanting an electric car. Sort of takes from the whole Porsche experience. Just buy a Prius…(turbo)

    Sort of like a deaf guy buying a surround sound system.

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    Which is why Porsche sells/sold Cayennes by the boatload. Lots of porsche experience in the base-level V6 or diesel.

    It should sell… but how well is an unknown.

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    M 1

    Too bad about the hippie nonsense. It’s the best-looking ride Porsche has ever put on public streets. Repair costs will be a nightmare.

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