By on June 11, 2010

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48 Comments on “Chrysler Wraps Itself In The Flag. Again. Still....”

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    I thought it was funny. And who could not enjoy the sound of the Hemi?

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    Not too bad, but who’s that actor? It almost looks like Robin Williams from “Man of the Year.” (But I know it’s not.)

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    Too bad this ad wasn’t around when the LH was officially introduced.

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    Another great ad. Chrysler is getting a bit more for their money out of their new agency than GM is getting from theirs IMO.

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    I don’t know. I thought the other one was pretty well done, and the “cars for car people” ad was great, but I think they’re taking the American theme too far with this. But I’m biased, since I don’t think this company has been a shimmering example of American manufacturing capability (at least I really hope not), and I have serious doubts they will live up to their claims. With this ad, though, I also can’t help but think they hope people forget they’ve gone from a Germany-based to an Italy-based overlord.

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    “Be patriotic, buy a Fiat.”
    Not so persuasive…

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      Brilliantly said.

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      Exactly. When it came time for my friend to buy a minivan, she bought an “USAmerican” Dodge. It’s built buy a company run by Fiat in Canada.

      When I wanted a USAmerican minivan, I bought a Honda. Built in a Right to Work state called Alabama.

      Which is more “American?”

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      It’s not brilliantly said.

      Fiat has only a minority stake in Chrysler.

      The Challenger isn’t a Fiat-derived product.

      And, to answer Hank’s question: The Chrysler product is still more American.

      As we saw with the Toyota debacle, they may build cars here, but the decisions and money are all handled by and routed to Japan.

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      Actually, money that goes to Honda winds up in the hands of its shareholders, many of whom are Americans like me. I’m about as Japanese as a cheeseburger.

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    And just like the new Grand Cherokee ad TTAC showed yesterday – it’s great. Again. Still.

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    Like the Challenger and some of the recent ads, but this one is just plain stupid.

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      I agree. Tone deaf, terrible copy. Would have worked better if the redcoats were in something like a MINI. Maybe throw in some Hessians in BMWs in the background. I like some of the other Challenger ads but this one falls flat in my eyes.

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      Actually, to be more accurate the redcoats should have been in the Challengers. The Challenger is a Canadian import and at the time of the revolution, they were on Britain’s side. I suppose they could put the Americans in Sebrings. Maybe we could have Santa Ana attacking the Alamo with Dodge Journeys and Mexican made Ram trucks next.

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      Hessians? That would be Opel. Rüsselsheim is in Hesse. And now we’d get into really hot water.

      If a company with a guy called Sergio in command would be my client, I’d tell them:

      “Don’t go there. Remember the old joke with the Italian tank?”

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      Good point Mr. Schmitt. For the general American audience though Opel badges wouldn’t be widely recognizable, and Saturn Astras and Buick Regals would be too subtle a joke for all but the most diehard enthusiasts. Dodge’s “Kittens” ad identifies the one subject all American car buyers can relate to: furries.

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    If Washington were around at Chrysler today I don’t think he would surrender to Italy. Chrysler is going to become the land of misfit Fiats.

    What a disgrace!!

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    This commercial is to be played at USA’s World Cup game against England. The teams go at it tomorrow at 2:30pm EST.

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    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The company that has sucked government teat (more than once) to try to stay in business is making an appeal to Tea Partiers.

    . . . and it will probably work . . .

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    Just awful.

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    Ugh. I love my country, but that’s one stupid, pandering, senseless ad. Educational, though – I had no idea George Washington was Italian.

    In response, maybe Mini should offer to race Dodge? That would be hilarious.

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    Thank God he dosn’t speak, because from what I’ve read, he’d sound like Foghorn Leghorn swearing a blue streak.

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    Well, there’s a minute of my life I’ll never get back.

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    Hilarious. Now gimme my money back.

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    I’m not buying the “support America by purchasing a Chrysler” bit. But I have to admit, over the years I’ve seen pretty unique and awesome things. This ad, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee ad aired here yesterday, ore two of those unique and awesome things. Very enjoyable.

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    Sorry to nitpick, but that commercial is not 100% historically accurate. The flag in Washington’s day didn’t have that many stars. But you have to applaud ddthe resistance to British hegemony in the US car market. We’ll beat back the invasion of Hillmans, Vauxhalls and Morris Minors!

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    Nice timing Chrysler, coming right after BP getting a lot of coverage in the British media claiming that we Yanks are only upset about the whole Gulf spill because a British company caused it.

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    Have they added AWD to the Challenger?

    I liked the ad; at least it serves as shameless entertainment and contains the obligatory Hemi music.

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    Since the actual ‘import threat’ these days is not coming from the UK but Asia, the ad’s central plot is off.

    Of course Chryco is not so edgy or gutsy as to make an ad depicting US troops facing an Asian force circa Japan in WWII or Korea in the 1950s.

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    Any ad that has George Washington in a Challenger gets two thumbs up. Wonder if ad was inspired by that George Washington video that’s been around for ages.

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    Another good ad…now when does the agency working for Chrysler get around to remaking that mini-van commercial with the cat masks?

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    I saw the GC one too. Not as EPIC as this one, but great nonetheless.

    Edit: What’s more gringo than 3 muscle cars, drifting like Bo Luke, and that HEMI music.

    Also saw 2 of the Caravan ones. If we only got such ads here…

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    So, Chrysler is defending the colonies from the British automotive industry? Didn’t that suicide happen years ago?

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    I think this commercial is just fantastic. I’m not a rah-rah American, I’m not a Dodge fan (though I like the challenger), but I think this commercial just works. Its fun, its memorable, creative, it doesn’t scream anything about $2500 rebate or 0% financing, etc. Love it.

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    I would have thought the whole auto bailout thing would have put this “My Honda is built in Alabama so it’s more American than your Chrysler built in Canada” thing but apparently not.

    The Big Two were bailed out by Washington, NOT Toronto/Tokyo/Mexico City or Berlin. If Honda goes belly up, it will be bailed out by Tokyo, NOT Washington/Toronto/Mexico City. If BMW goes belly up, it will be bailed out by Berlin, NOT Washington/Spartanburg/Toronto or Tokyo. And so on.

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    Maybe you should have titled this one “Chrysler Wipes Its ASS With The Flag. Again. Still.

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    The best and the brightest have become such a bunch of tightwads.
    That was entertaining… nuff said.

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    I miss the yahoos asking if that thang got a hemi in it.

    Is Chrysler the only carmaker not mentioning its fuel economy? Wonder why.

    Explain to me again how its patriotic to buy a gas guzzler and continue to buy gas that either comes whatever BP doesn’t pour into the Gulf or from the middle East where we have to sacrifice thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars to get it.

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    Oh… and as PGCooldad mentioned this is to be played during the US/England game….. so the context makes sense.

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    America is probably now better at soccer than producing cars. Hey, we have competitive American born soccer players. There is nothing American about GM and Chrysler’s rebadged Holdens, Opels, Daewoos, and Fiats.

    Shameful crap…………….

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    America got right by designing a car, building it in Canada and then submitting control to Italians?

    The Challenger is built at the Brampton plant, in Canada, eh.

    Good news is our bankers and lawyers have made plenty off of Chrysler and I’m sure there’s more to come. The government had made money on Chrysler the last time it bailed em out.

    Stupid luxo-barge coupe posing as a performance car, built by a country that’s ultimately still under the Queen’s rule, used as a metaphor for fighting the British for freedom, while being run by Italians is simply laughable at best. Build products people want, like the 300 and they will buy it–no middle-America pandering required.

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    Commercial just aired just before start of half time. Score tied 1-1

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      End of game. 1×1. Good result for USA, though England just proved again that they got more press than actual soccer. Good goalkeeper. With this tie the USA has probably guaranteed its passage to the 2nd round.
      Yep, I cheered for America.
      And I love Challengers.

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