By on June 24, 2010

After North America and China, we have other markets in our sights. Buick has no plans for Europe at this moment, but that could change.

GM’s Jim Federico spills possible plans for a Buick expansion to Auto Motor und Sport.

The German mag notes that this would likely benefit Opel, as Buick-badged Opel products could give GM’s European division access to previously unreachable markets.On the other hand, this is also just one more sign that Opel, long jealous of its independence within GM, is being squeezed out in favor of the global aspirations of American brands. Chevy is already encroaching on Opel in Europe, and a globalization of Buick could see the German brand disappear. “Typical Americans,” scoffs one AMundS commenter. “They’d be better off making the original a global brand… they have the ‘Made In Germany’ label in their company and don’t use it. No wonder they went bankrupt.” Don’t worry German friends… GM may just be even less brand savvy with Opel products than you think.

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9 Comments on “Buick Going Global?...”

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    Oh I know! Let’s sell Opels with Buick badges in Europe! That will work!

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    I think it is more of a veiled threat to the German government, who wants to retain all of the jobs but not contribute to curing the patient. Long term, GM could bring that vehicle design expertise back in house and flush Opel.

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      SVX pearlie

      It’s not a threat – threats are just talk. I’d look at it as a promise.

      If Germany doesn’t want to guarantee the jobs, then those jobs aren’t guaranteed.

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    Man, I loved that Ad. It had the guts to say “We are second best,” and if you do not want the VW, then look at Opel before you look at the other cars.

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    FWIW, the ‘Opel’ in that ad is a re-badged Isuzu. A friend of mine had one (blue w/ black sport stripes, white vinyl interior) and it was 0 to 60 in an afternoon.

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    I could see Buick in other countries that don’t have Opel, just not in Europe. I also don’t think that Chevy is doing much against Opel. Chevy sells have been in eastern Europe, not western Europe. They are also a step down from Opel.

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    Uncle Mellow

    Opel used to have a rock-solid reputation in Europe , but the late 90’s Vectra had a habit of losing its cambelt, which wrecked the engine.If you were very very lucky Opel would pay part of the rebuild cost.It got to the point where dealers wouldn’t take them as trade-ins.

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    Buick as a global nameplate would work fine. It’s not like the US is the only Country with elderly drivers. And not all of them can afford Cadillacs.

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