By on May 26, 2010

As I noted in my most recent review, TTAC’s coverage of cars and the companies that create them are based largely on the power of the internet to deliver the latest news on which to base our breaking analysis. And though a constant stream of news-based analysis will continue to define TTAC’s content, it’s also become clear to me that we (myself, in particular) need to spend more time behind the wheel even if that means a little less time behind the keyboard.

Due to circumstances which will be explained in due course (and which are hinted at in this picture), I spent even more of my five-day trip to Southern California behind the wheel than I ever expected. Now safely re-chained to my computer at TTAC headquarters, I am prepping new reviews and returning to our news coverage with fresh enthusiasm and perspective. Rest assured, your patience with our brief slowdown in content cadence will be richly rewarded.

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