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Jalopnik carries today the revelation that in the Tesla/Toyota agreement, there is no “formal deal with Toyota to build a new electric vehicle yet.” Let’s overlook for a second that the report is nearly verbatim lifted from Venturebeat. If Jalopnik would have read our story about Toyota and Tesla, they could have printed the above a week earlier. Last Friday, we wrote that there are no deals yet about building a new electric vehicle, neither formal nor informal : “According to sources at Toyota, any speculations about future cars are just that, speculations. Between the test drive of the roadster, and yesterday’s announcement were just a few weeks, barely enough time in the corporate world to process a purchase order for a load of hanging file folders. Any cars or technologies will be jointly bred by a team of Toyota and Tesla engineers.”

We didn’t need to wait for a revised S-1 filing, which Venture beat unearthed. We simply called up Toyota HQ and asked. They are quite nice at Toyota if you ask nicely. They even return phone calls. When we talked to them, they actually went to great pains explaining that any speculations about future cars are premature.

Apart from that, thank you, Jalopnik for sending all that traffic over to us. It helped making an obscure story about crash test dummies 4.0 today’s most read article, with the slimmest of leads over Ed’s great review of the 2011 Buick Regal Turbo. Ed got those readers all by himself, without the help of Jalopnik.

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8 Comments on “Jalopnik Has Sudden Epiphany About Toyota And Tesla: There Is No Car...”

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    Fight! Fight! Fight!

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    Geez, that was pretty obvious from the joint release they dropped last week, wasn’t it?

    “Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today announced that they intend to cooperate on the development of electric vehicles, parts, and production system and engineering support.

    The two companies intend to form a team of specialists to further those efforts.”

    Of course there’s no car. There’s no money yet, either, and won’t be until after the IPO.

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      It should have been obvious. However,last Friday I woke up in Tokyo to news and speculations about all kinds of cars being built for sure, there were even pictures of the Model S. It would definitely be built at NUMMI, it said. Who knows, often things are not in a press release. So I asked and received a clear answer: No existing plans for any cars.

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    Ever heard of Instapundit?

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    Toyota just wants the factory. I predict in a decade Tesla won’t even be around.

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    You do realize Jalop is populated with automotive journalist hopefuls?? Read the comments.. They all want to be the next JC..

    I’m no better..:D

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    Jalopnik’s ugly sister Gawker isn’t much better – they took credit for the ABC tach/rpm story when in fact they got it third hand off a youtube video comment made days before.

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    Effen snore.

    What will happen is that the Tesla illusion will be carried out far enough for scmfck Musk nd a few buddies to cash out/in.

    Then Tesla will fade to dark.

    Any bets?

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