By on May 5, 2010

One by one, European countries will scrap their scrappage incentives this year (if they haven’t already.) With predictable results: Without the governmental amphetamine, the market will be down.  How much?

All in all, Europeans will buy around 10 percent fewer cars in 2010 than in 2009, predicted J.D. Power at their spring conference in Cologne. Automobilwoche [sub] was there and took notes.

In the pictures-speak-louder-than words dept., J.D. Power’s prediction for 2010 can be seen above. That’s a fairly easy call.

Now on to the trickier prognosis: How will 2011 fare in comparison with 2010? We don’t know what brand of tea-leaves J.D. Power is using, but here is what they think will happen next year:

The European market won’t be back to its former 2008 glory before 2015, reckons J.D. Power.

In case you are curious: REN-NIS is not a new Chinese player, it stands for Renault and Nissan. Anyway: J.D. Power predicts a great future for their long-time clients Ford and Toyota.

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5 Comments on “Europe’s Future According To J.D. Power...”

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    I wonder what the magic 8 ball will say next year. I am surprised by the numbers.

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    Ugh I hate to have to regiestrieren, even if it’s kostenlos.

    Do they have actual sales numbers instead of percentages?

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    I don’t actually see the reason why Hyundai/Kias sale would rise that much, once the car scrappage schemes end, of which they have profited tremendously (at least in the german market, which was about half of their market for march 09).

    Also, I don’t expect Toyota to bounce back that highly, since they never were able to get that much growth in europe…but lets wait. :)

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    +11% after -16% is still -7% from 2009
    not that great for Toyota

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    One thing I’ve learned is to pay no attention to any analyst predictions unless I can see a track record.

    Let’s see JDP’s predictions vs. actuals for that market for each of the last 10 years. Then people will be able to determine for themselves whether they have any credibility.

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