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A few days ago, we reported that a limited edition of 500 hopped-up Ford Focus RS was sold out within 12 hours of its announcement. Ford just had to utter “Ford Focus with 345BHP, a torque of 339lb/ft, 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds” and they were all spoken for. Judging from the stats coming off the TTAC server (the story was the most accessed that day,) interest in the hot hatch far outstrips the measly supply of 500. Help is on the way. You don’t even have to buy a new car.

Current and future owners of the standard-issued Ford Focus RS can bring their 305BHP car to the same numbers of the limited edition Ford Focus RS500. This will be facilitated by the MP350 upgrade package from Mountune Performance. According to a press release by Ford Cologne, this is “the only aftermarket package available which does not invalidate the standard Ford warranty.”

The Cologne announcement notwithstanding, the package is available via a network of Mountune-approved Ford dealers in the UK only.

“A European roll-out is planned to follow.” When, is anybody’s guess. No word on the U.S.A.

According to the announcement, “the engine modifications are similar to those developed for Ford of Europe’s exclusive new limited edition Focus RS500 model.” In other words: Same thing.

The kit will buy you “a bespoke intercooler,” a high-flow exhaust downpipe, a re-designed airbox, a set of high-flow injectors, and a reworked ECU to go with it. All street legal and under factory warranty. No mention of the price, but if you have to ask, you won’t be able to take it over to Germany and enjoy the 165mph top speed.

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7 Comments on “You Can Have Your Ford Focus RS500 After All...”

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    Why Ford, Why? Why can’t get an RS here in the States?

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      I don’t see the point.

      Ford US sells the 2011 Mustang with more HPs (and half the price), and for roughly the same money of the Focus RS you could buy a GT500, with 500+HP

      Also, the car is FWD only, not AWD. An STi or EVO would be better.

      Anyway to each its own.

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      the same reasons stated in the original article :

      Mountune used to be Roush UK (or some offshoot/evolution of it, I forget the exact details). as Roush in the US enjoys a close relationship with Ford, the same exists in the UK and as noted in the release, they have offered tuning packs for prior Ford models. there have been lots of tuners of the RS with kits on sale, I think Mountune is somewhat later to the party, but with Ford endorsement, they will probably do fine.

      I believe the agreement to allow Ford dealers to sell Mountune parts and offer matching warranty on them is similar to the way Dinan has agreements with BMW dealers in the US, albeit with official blessing. Dinan has always covered their parts with factory-matching warranty, I believe Mountune operates the same way in the UK.

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      @Stingray: Don’t confuse taxes with actual price. The Focus RS in the UK costs about as much as an Evolution… which means that a US MSRP will likely fall around the $30k mark… which, yes, is V8 money, but nowhere close to GT500 money.

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    With 345 hp and 339 lb-ft, the best it can do is 0-100 kph in 5.6 seconds? My Infiniti G37 does as well with a bit less horsepower and substantially less torque. How much lead is there in this sled?

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      It’s a blown motor and front-wheel drive**, and, as such, it’s not really going to launch as well as your Infiniti. There may also be issues of gearing and final drive involved. It’s not necessarily weight.

      As such, it might be possible that you could beat this car 0-60 and the driver of the Focus would beat you from a rolling start or around a track.

      ** I used to think these were AWD until I got schooled. Same diff: front- and all-wheel drive cars are not good dragsters.

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      Same with Lexus IS350.

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