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If there’s anything “wrong” with the Ferrari 599 GTO, it’s that they’re only building 599 of them. Which in turn guarantees that it will end up being more of a “my oil well’s proven reserves are bigger than yours” trophy than the road warrior it’s allegedly supposed to be. Otherwise it’s just 670 HP of 208 MPH, heritage-named goodness. A regular 599 starts at around $335,000 new, provided you’ve already bought a used Fezza and given Luca DiMontezemolo a sensual massage within the last six months… any guesses what the GTO’s premium will run? It’s looking like it could hit $100k, which is mighty healthy for a .35 second improvement in 0-60 time.

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18 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Rhetorical Question Edition...”

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    I think I need to change my pants

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    Today I get to be negative guy!

    The black roof treatment is reminiscent of a vinyl roof. They could call this the 599 Brougham.

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    Robert Schwartz

    Overwrought. Literally. The original GTO was a masterpiece a fully functional race car of great beauty. This is just a hideous geshtunck of mine is bigger than yours-ness.

    Picture of original:

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    thats one fast cat

    Wow, that is one expensive Corvette. Does Government Motors get a royalty payment on the exterior design?

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    I’ll take an R8 V10 and keep the considerable amount of change.

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    Ferrari is living proof of PT Barnum’s astute assessment of human nature. Even the rich are suckers.

    There have been very few (I can count them on my fingers and have a few left over) truly beautiful Ferraris ever built, and none since the death of Il Commendatore. The vast majority of Ferrari’s cars are overwrought, excessive, and essential parodies of what a supercar should look like. The fact that Alfa Romeo can build the drop-dead gorgeous 8C Competizione that looks as good, if not better than Maranello’s best from the 1960s is testament that it can be done, and also that Ferrari can’t do it.

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    Ferrari interiors are always disappointing, almost like they’re an afterthought.

    If I were going to spend $3-400K on a car, this is not the one I would buy.

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    It’s all about showing the chicks your paying ability.

    If you are not a pro, you might end up having faster 0-60 in an IS-F (auto).

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      You’d have to be a serious incompetent to let an ISF beat this. Just start in 2nd gear and it’ll tromp all over the Lexus. From the C/D test of the regular 599:

      “it reached 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and turned the quarter-mile in 11.2 seconds at 131 mph with the dry-mouthed, clammy-palmed author gripping the wheel.”

      If I had the loot, I’d have one of these, and pay extra to turn the roof back to red.

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    Yup a vinyl roof. It took 20 years but the Italians finally caught up with us. Where do we go now?

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    My biggest issue with it is the name….the “O” in GTO stands for “omologato,” and this new 599 GTO is not being built to satisfy any sort of racing homologation.

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    As beautiful (for some) and fast as Ferraris are, anyone buying them are suckers. Ferrari treats their customers with disdain routinely charging ridiculous mark-ups over sticker and including all sorts of caveats before letting you buy one. After helping a friend buy a new F430 Spyder last year, I found the entire experience insulting.

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