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The VW Bus’ history in Eugene isn’t just tied to the counter culture. In the early sixties, Eugene’s privately-owned bus service was shrinking, like everywhere during the car boom. No longer able to afford the maintenance and fuel for the old large transit buses, a radical decision was made in a last-ditch effort to keep the buses rolling, and a small fleet of VW buses was purchased. Here they are, lined up and ready to roll, with their snappily-attired drivers, just a block or two away from where today’s CC bus was sitting. Not surprisingly, it didn’t pan out, but I’m sure these buses went on to have a colorful second life.

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10 Comments on “VW Bus Tuesday: Eugene’s VW Transit Buses...”

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    Sad that it didn’t work out, but it god lov’em for trying.

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    These definitely must have been short-lived. I do remember the dark green “shorty” school buses the bus company used. My mom didn’t get her license until age 52, so we were always on those green buses.

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    Around 1971, the Toronto Police’s Morality Squad (drugs and nudity) replaced their full-size Chev unmarked cars for a fleet of unmarked VW Beetles. I have no idea why this happened, but the burly cops sure looked silly crammed into the Beetles, and I gather they didn’t much like them.

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    Sooo, let’s see: 2 rows of seats, so maybe six passengers max, seven if someone sits next to the driver up front. Doesn’t sound like a very efficient use of personnel or materials. No wonder it didn’t pan out, even if they saved fuel.

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      I won’t even try to do the economic math in constant dollars, but even if it only got say 10MPG around town, 5 people yields 50 passenger miles per gallon.

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    Minibus services are still viable and popular all over the third world (Africa, SE Asia, Mid east, Central/South America). Typically, 14 passenger Toyota Hiaces.

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    Yea, but think how much they slowed traffic.
    Better than traffic cameras.

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    Have to assume there was never a serious accident involving one of those. To think of the litigation . . .

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    There are thousands of minibuses (mostly Toyota made) in Hong Kong.

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      Been a while since I spent time in HK but I do believe that those HK public light buses are Toyota Coaster class vehicles, which is a big step up from extended minivans. Typically, a Coaster seats ~20+.

      I used to import used RHD Toyota Land Cruisers, Hiaces, Hiluxes, Coasters, Prados into east Africa from Dubai.

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