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Chrysler is considering bringing a Fiat-engineered subcompact sedan from Serbia to North America under the Chrysler brand. The Chrysler brand product plan, unveiled in November, called for a Fiat-derived subcompact sedan to be imported in 2013. The vehicle would be built in Kragujevac, Serbia, where Serbian automaker Zastava Automobili once made the Yugo.

Chrysler? Fiat-engineered subcompact? The Yugo plant? C’mon Automotive News [sub]… April Fools was weeks ago. Besides, this seems too cruelly ironic to even properly be a joke. Remember, these little gags have to come from a place of love…

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29 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: Yugo By Chrysler Joke Here Edition...”

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    Something something Malcolm Bricklin something something.

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    Chrysler at least slightly more trustworthy than something something Malcolm Bricklin something something

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    Funny haha. It’s a cheap shot.

    That’s a little like the jokes from the 70s about Toyotas, Hondas, Datsuns, and Mitsubishis being Japan’s revenge on the US for WWII. After all, the Zero fighter was brought to you by Mitsubishi.


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    Does not seem any worse than the current Chrysler offerings.


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    It’s been a while since Chrysler offered a small engine that’s as bullet-proof as the 1498cc Fiat SOHC, that’s for sure.

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      Say what one will about Magnetti Marelli electrics, the 1498cc is one tough little engine.

      I’ve turboed and thrashed the crap out of 1500CC x1/9s. The engines were admirably bulletproof.

      One of the few things Bricklin ever did right in his life was fitting Bosch electricals on the Bertones he imported as Fiat left the US market.

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    Think of the upside. The since the car will be made in a former RPG factory, you just might find a rocket launcher in the trunk in place of a jack. Go ahead, cut me off.

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      Since I’ll be in-front of you when I cut you off, I’ll see your Yugo RPG and raise you a Toyota Sienna spare-tire-anti-ballistic-highway-torpedo…

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    If nothing else, at least it will offer an opportunity to recycle all the old Yugo jokes:

    Why do Yugos come standard with rear window defrosters?

    So your hands won’t get cold while you’re pushing them.

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    Back in the day, the Yugo debacle was well beyond predictable. Fiat was notorious for lack of reliability, the design was already a bit dated, and it was going to be assembled by indifferent workers employed by a state enterprise in a communist country. How anyone could have expected this to produce anything other than crap is beyond me.

    Today could be a different situation. Eastern European assembly plants seem to be making acceptable quality goods these days. Fiat’s already producing modern vehicles like the Punto in that plant and since they now effectively own the plant, I figure that quality should be on par with any other Fiat owned and operated plant.

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    Apparently the Yugo’s reliability woes came from a combination of the mindset that cheap cars were disposable and needed no maintenance, and a 40,000 mile timing belt change interval. Maybe it won’t be so bad this time around.

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    Would it not be cool if Mitsubishi came out with car and called it the zero?

    That would rule. It would least get Mitsubishi noticed.

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    Geo. Levecque

    Joke or not, this would give Chrysler a small Car that they could call there own,Chrysler AKA FIAT (FIX IT AGAIN TONY)

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    Chrysler is so tainted that they just need to give up. I have no way of knowing that I can get parts or warranty service a year from now.

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    I’d frankly be surprised if the Zastava factory cars make it to the US any time soon. Joking aside, Fiat was planning to produce a sub-Panda minicar for tird world markets in the factory, called Topolino and being much more of a Nano style fighter than anything likely to be going to the US – in effect 2 steps down from the 500 and even that is still considered a stretch for the US by some.

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    Rod Panhard

    If it’s true, doesn’t it kind of run against the intent of the “loan” to Chrysler? Wasn’t that “loan” supposed to create jobs in America, rather than elsewhere? If they’re going sort of retro, maybe they should dust off the plans for the old Omni/Horizon built in the States from the design of that Simca.

    On the other hand, a Fiat built in Yugoslavia will create jobs at the service bays, parts counters and warehouses, and warranty claims desks in the U.S…..

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      Decisions that Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne are to announce Wednesday in Turin, Italy, may include:

      • Chrysler’s North American assembly plants will produce up to 400,000 vehicles a year for Fiat’s European brands.

      As Chrysler and Fiat operations become intertwined inextricably, plans for the Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo brands will affect jobs from Chrysler’s Auburn Hills headquarters to factories in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Ontario and Mexico, as well as dealerships across the country.

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    The FIAT 500 is built in Poland. Most VW/Audi 2.0T engines and many Audi’s are built in Hungary. The Camry is built in Alabama. All former third world countries, now westernized by modern manufacturing brought in from the West (and East in the case of Alabama.)

    The Zastava is welcome.

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      Alabama is attracting manufacturing from all over the word. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are from Asia. Mercedes, ThyssenKrupp and EADS are from Europe.

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      Alabama, a net inflow tax state (it receives more money than it sends to federal coffers) uses it to give huge tax breaks to foreign manufacturers. I would reword “attracting” to “giving away other states cash to attract”.

      Basically, they are killing the goose that lay the golden egg (net out-flow tax states) and eventually these companies will fold up and go elsewhere where it’s cheaper to do business. Wasn’t it Mercedes that wanted to bring from abroad a bunch of Polish workers for their plant there?

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    Geo. Levecque

    The Toyota Camry is Built in Kentucky, in the City of Georgetown and not Alabama as someone stated, I rather doubt that FIAT will build vehicles in North America for European sales, but stranger things happen, I do know that some Chrysler Mini Vans are built in Windsor Ontario for sale in Europe, mostly Diesels too.

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      @ Geo. Levecque

      It totally makes sense for Fiat to export cars from the US. The cost of manufacturing is MUCH cheaper in the US than anywhere in the EU. The unions (yes the UAW) are much easier than delaing wih some of the unions in the EU.

      Fiat is not the only one building cars (or planning to build cars) for export from the US. Specially since the decline of the dollar value to the euro.

      Besides… Honda has been exporting cars from Ohio to sell in Japan (and other ports) for years now.

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    “Yes, you can give him a message. You do take shorthand, don’t you?

    Good– we take it in the South too.

    Just tell him that I have been a Southerner all my life, and I can vouch for the fact the we do eat a lot of things down here. We’ve certainly all had our share of grits and biscuits & gravy. I myself, have probably eaten enough fried chicken to feed a third world country; not to mention barbecue, cornbread, watermelon, fried pies, okra, and, yes– if I were being perfectly candid– I would have to admit we have also eaten our share of crow.

    For all I know– during the darkest, leanest years of the Civil War, some of us may have had a Yankee or two for breakfast. But speaking for myself, and hundreds of thousands of my Southern ancestors, who have evolved through many decades of poverty, strife, and turmoil; I would like for TTAC’s ‘Best and Brightest’ to know: we have surely eaten many things in the past, and we will surely eat many things in the future– but God as my witness– we have never, I repeat, NEVER EATEN DIRT!!!”

    Southern Americans are Americans just the same. That is all.

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    Zastava!? Don’t they make the communist SKS rifle that killed so many Americans in Korea and Vietnam?

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