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Take a good look at this Chevy truck’s bed, if you can: six inches from the front of the bed, there’s a seam. That’s where the extra inches were welded on to make a Longhorn, America’s only 8 1/2 foot long production pickup. Why bother with six extra inches? To make room for one more Hooters girl, obviously. Weight distribution, for the ever larger slide-in campers that were all the rage back then. The C30 Longhorn could take a twelve foot camper, without the horrendous sway that was so common to see back then, with folks trying to haul camper and big families in their half-ton trucks. How many vacations turned (over) into nightmares? This nice truck with a 402 CID big block is available for sale, with an asking price of $14,500! Not to be left out, Ford had a solution to the camper problem too.

Ford went a different route, with their new 1973 model Camper Special, which had a longer wheelbase, but still kept the eight foot bed by relocating the rear wheel wells further back. That opened up an opportunity, to store the spare tire in a large opening compartment on the side, just ahead of the rear wheel. You can see the bottom of the spare hanging out below the bed. A very elegant solution.

Ironically, Chevy stopped offering an extended wheelbase pickup in 1973, just as Ford got into it, handing that limited market to Ford.  Now that F-350 CS would really be just the thing when I go to the quarry to haul gravel. Two yards instead of one!

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29 Comments on “Chevy’s 8 1/2 Foot Bed Longhorn Truck Hauls More Ass...”

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    In the early 50’s the 1-ton Chevies had a 9 foot bed. I believe that stopped with the 1955 redesign. My neighbor has a ’51. Gorgeous, unrestored workhorse truck.

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      Nine foot pickups were available, even through the sixties at least, but only with stepside beds and on 3/4 or one ton chassis. And in later years, they were quite uncommon, mainly used for certain commercial apps or ranchers.

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    I don’t think he should put another one of those girls in the bed of that truck. It’s only a half-ton.

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    that very noticeable seam at the front of the bed would be a deal breaker for me. besides i’m getting old and can only handle one woman at a time.

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    I’m sorry, is there a truck in the first picture?

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    They followed me home.

    Can I keep them???!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Let’s see if this functions as desired.

    Try the above link to maximize the pic….

    not that there is any conceivable reason for doing so.

    Ahhhhhhhh……. that line in the bed behind the cab DOES show up a little bit better now.

    Is the USA a semi-great once-sovereign assemblage of conflicting interests with a multitude of dividing interests or what?


    Any society capable of creating pick-ups such as the one above AND hooter’s babes can not be totally bad.

    Never saw where Idi Amin or Stalin or Pol Pot created anything similar.

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    bumpy ii

    The rarest of the rare would be a GMC Longhorn with the V6 (which by this time was something like $1,000 custom order only).

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    Why bother with six extra inches?

    That’s what she said.

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    Outstanding journalism, the textbook definition of haulin ass.

    My highest compliments!!

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    Sorry if this offends anyone, but I would have preferred the truck without the cargo. They’re trashy and I hate Hooters and all restaurants of that ilk. In all seriousness, the local Hooters has advertised itself many times as a “family restaurant”. Gah, I avoid it like the plague. If I want to stare at beautiful objects, I head down to Portage Avenue for “Cruise Night” every Sunday evening during clement weather and watch all the gorgeous iron roll by.

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      Yeah the “family restaurant” thing makes me laugh. The three times in my life that I have been in one some idiot always brings a 13 year old boy into the restaurant. Kid needs a chiropractor the next day from the whiplash.

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      I’ve never understood the obsession with draping women over vehicles, either. Are we here to look at the car? Great – just give us the damned car. This goes for posters of Ferraris, auto shows, grand prix grids, you name it. And if the only reason someone will buy your poster, visit your auto show, or attend your grand prix is the girls, you’ve already failed.

      If we want to look at women, there are plenty of places to do it – and in far better style.

      But having them obscure vehicles to… well, I honestly have no idea what the justification is… is absurd and infantile. Hint, marketers: Respect me enough to believe that I can appreciate your product without sticking a girl in front of it. I know about girls. I’ve already got one of my own. I’m here to see the car.

      So stupid… *gnrrh*

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      Hooters trashy? It’s not a strip-club, it’s just a cheesy chain bar. With really mediocre food. That only serves beer.

      Some kinda cute girls (and at least three ugly ones judging by that photo) are wearing tight shorts. Ever look around in the mall? If you find Hooters uniforms offensive, I strongly recommend that you never set foot on a beach. Or go to a pool. Or have a kid in highschool.

      Sorry, I just don’t understand how Hooters is offensive. I realize that there still is that veneer of the Puritan ethos in this country, but really, Hooters?

      I understand how a strip club bothers some people. Free country, nobody is forced to go, and everyone is entitled to feel how they want. But Hooters? Really?

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      It’s not the sexuality that’s offensive; it’s the vapidness.

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      Fair enough. I guess I have just learned to accept that the middle of the bell curve believes that Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant, and that McDonalds sells hamburgers.

      While I vehemently disagree on both counts, there’s an old saw about never going broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

      Vapid? You betcha. I just try to take it for what I think it is – ok looking girls in shorts and a tshirt selling you crap beer and crap food while you watch a snorefest game like baseball on a TV. Woohoo… Just like any other ‘Sports’ bar in the US. ‘Cept the food is really subpar and there isn’t any booze.

      If only there *were* some sexuality, maybe it would have a redeeming quality.

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      I don’t find the Hooters uniforms offensive, nor am I adverse to seeing a sexy outfit on a good looking woman. What bothers me about Hooters is the overt manner in which scantily clad young women sell food and excess liquor. Answer this, if there were no sexy young waitresses, would anybody in their right mind eat the substandard food and pay the grossly inflated prices at Hooters?

      I’m no puritan; I’ve been to strip clubs and enjoy the sight of an attractive woman, but the system at Hooters disturbs me. And trust me, it’s a system. The waitresses are taught how to push sales by flirting, using such tricks as bending over further than required, making lengthy eye contact with the customer etcetera.

      I have a customer, who is the promotions director at a major chain, who was once the day manager at the local Hooters; the Hooters method bothered him enough that he resigned his position within a month. You know who is the easiest customer to push booze sales to? The most impaired ones. A little flirtation, a little wiggle of the hips, a flash of cleavage, and boom! another round for the table. Yes, the vapidness bothers me, but it’s the cold-blooded calculatedness that really bothers me, I guess.

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      I get where you’re coming from, but I guess that’s where I have no problem with it. It *is* a chain. They have about 350 of them for a reason- they have a system.

      It seems to me that if/when one walks into a Hooters, one suspends disbelief. It’s just a show, a little light entertainment. Of course the girls feign interest in the attempt to sell you something – just like the hottie at every other sports bar, or selling restaurant supplies, working as a drug rep, liquor rep, ad rep, or Corvette Vicki (wayyy back in the day).

      This is not to say that attractive women are not capable of selling a product on any other basis, many are. If they’re endeavoring to sell me, my concern is even more focused on the product, because I know that there is always that subtle subtext hiding just below the surface. But that’s life.

      Personally, there’s nothing at a Hooters for me. But for the guys who want to pay for a bit of female attention and slam a few crap beers with some crap food and football on a TV, it seems to work for them. I assume they aren’t complete tools and know that it’s just a game. Frankly, if one doesn’t know Hooters is just a shallow game, they’re getting fleeced daily anyway.

      (Except maybe for Butters and the ‘Raisins’ episode of South Park. But I digress…)

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      Every attractive female bartender everywhere knows a little flirt and flaunt increases tips, and every bartender of either gender knows that once patrons are a bit tipsy they are more likely to spend a little more, if Hooter’s has found a way to institutionalize and profit from this as a company, more power to them, just capitalism at work.

      Monty –

      Prices at Hooters (at least here) aren’t really higher than any other chain or many mom&pop style sports bars. And though it may seem as cliche as saying ‘I only read playboy for the articles’ I really do like the wings there, and even get them for takeout when I’m having some friends over to watch a game or something. Now, the wings aren’t up to Cluck-U quality, but then, nothing is, and until they open up a place within driving distance, Hooters wings are better than most other places.

      Now, I can fully understand if Hooter’s isn’t someone’s thing, and if you prefer, there’s always This Place .

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      Maybe I didn’t emphasize this enough: “and others of that ilk.” In the case of this post it happens to be Hooters, but it could any other similar outfit. And it’s not bartenders overselling or waitresses flirting for some extra tips, because those people are individuals, not a large corporate entity.

      It’s just one more reminder to teen girls that they don’t measure up, that to get ahead in the American corporate world they need to sexualize themselves, that men only measure them by their willingness to provide a sex act, and that they’re never too skinny or have big enough breasts.

      Sorry if I sound like Camille Paglia, but it’s how I feel.

    • 0 avatar

      You feel how you feel. Free country, nothing wrong with that.

      We could spend a day discussing the societal implications of female sexual socialization in our culture. But this is supposed to be somewhat about cars.

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    PeriSoft +10

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    What truly offends me about the photo is that it displays a vehicle blocking the handicap parking space. Even if the driver is disabled, there’s no justification for parking over the blue striped pavement and blocking access to the wheelchair ramp behind the truck.

    Move that sorry a$$ truck out of the wheelchair parking spot.
    (Double entendre intended.)
    Thank you.

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    Well, I was gone for a few weeks; trying to avoid sites with slow-loading pages or sites filled with depressing pics. Yes, TTAC was beginning to load slowly. It’s fast now, but it’s only Sunday morning. We’ll see how it goes.

    And this article was not depressing. And I’m not a pick-em-up-truck kind of guy either!

    But there’s one small thing…six inches allows you to fit one more girl? Come on now, none of those girls has a six inch butt, but even if they had, you could always line ’em up two abreast. In the bed.

    Uh, okay. I guess my work here is done. :)

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    “line ‘em up two abreast”


    Is that man writing naughty?

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    is anyone seeing the double standard here? what’s the difference between scantily clad women selling booze or scarily clad women selling concept cars?

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    I don’t drink so I could care less what kind of alcohol Hooters serves. I do however like the food. It’s no more expensive than any of the other restaurants with waiters/waitresses but the attitude of the servers is far better. Yes they are taught the act in order to sell more and get bigger tips. I’m aware and eat what I want and tip what is customary. If others are suckered it’s their own fault. Some other restaurants could learn from them. The service at my local Hooters is outstanding and did I mention I personally like the food? Oh yeah, I did. By the way, some are corporately owned and some are fanchises. It makes a difference. I have visited some outside my are that were not as good.

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    I hate Hooters. Its like a corporate strip club for hypocrites, complete with committee planned fake wholesomeness so we can pretend they are not just selling T&A. It is beyond pathetic that they pretend to be a “family” restaurant and advertise business meeting space. What lunatic would actually schedule a meeting there?

    I hold real strip clubs and real strippers in higher regard, at least they are up front about the product they are selling and not trying to market themselves as a place to take the kids for dinner.

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