By on March 1, 2010

Who’s afraid of the 2016 CAFE standard ramp-up? Not the gas-electric hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder Concept. With 0-60 in 3.2 seconds from a racing-derived V8, and an extra 218 hp of electric power, the 918 Spyder could theoretically get 78 mpg, according to Porsche [full release at Egmcartech]. Just try not to think what all that racing-derived goodness would cost new.

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14 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Porsche CAFE Edition...”

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    Just goes to cement the fact that previous TTAC fuel efficiency fearmongering was a cheapshot attempt to increase the website hit rate.

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      It doesn’t “cement” anything. We are a collaborative of writers, and don’t speak in one voice, if that wasn’t all too obvious! And if that had been the reason, it certainly didn’t work; those posts got no more hits than typical.

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    So Obama won’t take my car/guns/children/freedom away after all?

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    @ carguy

    I hope that was sarcasm…That poor man has had nothing but a hard time from every side. But it was his choice to run for office. All I can say to many in Congress it that Karma is a bitch…

    Get the damn jobs back in America – Fair Trade, not “Free Trade” – exporting all of our manufacturing jobs is fiscally wrong (wealth creation being sent abroad will finish off the US.)

    Cars will not matter when China calls in the loans it has made to our US. Thanks Ronnie, George, Bill and W!!

    Wise up America before the is no more America.

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    If that became the norm for hybrid cars then it wouldn’t be so lame trying to be green. Until then, no thanks.

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    meh. wake me up when it can theoretically do the 3.2s and 78mpg things at the same time.

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      Yeah. I mean, if you can’t break the laws of thermodynamics with your new technology, I’m, like, totally uninterested.

      And my dispassion shows that I’m really smart and shit, not like those wasters designing cars which match some of the highest performing road vehicles of all time with brand-new technology, and which are clad in some of the sexiest bodywork seen on a recent vehicle.

      Yeah. What a yawn. Those V8s though – those are some impressive new badassery right there. I get excited every time they show one of those things.

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    If they bring it out for < 40k here, I'm sold.

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    They’re sure a lot of electric vehicle prototypes being wheeled out to appease various governments.

    Will there be enough car buyers to make any of them profitable without a government subsidy?

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    I think what’s wrong is that it looks far more Lotus than Porsche.

    Well, I guess it’s wrong if you’re a Porschephile, but I’m not so as what’s wrong for me is that it’s just ho-hum as far as impractical out-of-reach sports cars go.

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    Ken Magalnik

    Now if they just sell like hotcakes at a colony of hotcake addicts in the middle of a hotcake shortage, porsche can keep on selling cars in the US.

    Remember, the average MPG is sale weighed, so it’s not enough to build a very fuel efficient car, you have to sell them, and this thing will not be cheap. So either porsche is doing this for PR reasons, so that they can claim to be trying, or they will have to sell them at a loss, and try to recoup it with higher prices on their other cars.

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    Scorched Earth

    If they keep the price below $10 and >200mpg, I’m sold.

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