By on March 11, 2010

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12 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Can “Mansory” Be A Verb Now Edition?...”

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    What is wrong with this picture?

    More like: Find 1 thing right in this picture.

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    G-wagon. Pfttttttttt. Never DID find anything right with it.

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    crash sled

    They need more hot chicks, to distract attention from that rig. And they probably need to take their clothes off, too.

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    I can so totally see Vladi Putin doing a few of his bare-shirted 1-armed push-ups for Prabda-TV, and then strolling down to the dealer and trading in his pimpette Lada for this piece of dreck.

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    The lady with the bag’s unnaturally wide smile says that she would have preferred to be working on just about any other stand at the car show.

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    Maybe the shiny skull shirt/dress worn by the other girl? looks kinda silly

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    The G-Wagen is a funny car: priced like a Range Rover; drives like a Discovery; looks like a Defender.

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    I never liked the Geländewagen.. its just too damn much for the average slob to operate.

    But its been around for close to 35yrs, with little to no design updates. It went from a 2dr jobbie, to a 4dr (just like all of its design, type, competition et all have done.) Its had motor, technical and design detail updates.. but nothing significant.

    SO draping a woman (badly) dressed in leather.. over a hood of a vehicle such as this.. with a monster motor (this thing prob makes the LS look like the Ecotec) road going only of course…

    Just how much MAKEUP do ya have to cake onto a make a pig look less of a pig?

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    While the G-Wagen is no ‘Mog, it is quite capable off-road. Even the current version.

    Now that it comes to the US market through the front door it’s a bit too luxurious, and I can do without the pimpin’.
    Back when you had to get them greymarket through Europa Motors in Santa Fe (~’80-90ish IIRC), they were much more primitve.

    The current Gelandewagen you get at your friendly MB dealer, while very capable, is a bit posh, and we no longer get either of the 2-door variants.

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