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Bad weather frustrating your itch to work on the project car? ADD scare you away from building a kit car? Always wanted a Saab 900 Turbo? The solution is at hand: download the complete kit here, print it on some heavier stock than usual, get out the X-acto knife and some glue, and build away. Bonus: First person to e-mail me (  a picture of their completed kit will get a posting celebrating their accomplishment. Thanks to

If you need help in the form of what the final product is supposed to look like, it’s after the jump:

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3 Comments on “Solution To Saab Woes: Build A New 900 Turbo From Kit – Today!...”

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    Uncle Mellow

    Always thought the 900 Saabs were oddball machines , but I was at a Motor Show in 1984 and went and leaned against one while I waited for the queue for the new front-drive Toyota Carina to get smaller . The 900 had the grotesque “Aero- kit” so I had little interest until someone popped the bonnet.Naturally I couldn’t help but have a look inside , and I was amazed at how well they engineered things. This was in the days of proper Saabs of course, before the GM variety came along.Changed my whole attitude to Saabs.

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    It might be well engineered, but it hurts to look at.

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    I wish I had bigger paper. 8.5 x 11″ is just too small for my fat finger.

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