By on March 20, 2010

This morning, Beijing woke up in a massive yellow cloud. Motorists found their cars covered by thick layers of yellow grit. Air filters were quickly overwhelmed. What happened? A huge sand storm had transported tons of sand from the Gobi desert and dumped it on China’s capital. According to China Daily, the “Beijing weather bureau sent an alarm Friday night, warning a sandstorm was ‘on its way’. Yet many residents were utterly unprepared.”

Sand storms are a common occurrence in Beijing, and have given rise to a daily car wash index. Today’s storm has been recorded as the strongest of the year.

The sand storm delayed flights at the airport and triggered warnings as far as Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan.

According to ABC News, “the grit can travel as far as the western United States.”

There you go: Chinese imports that won’t affect the balance of payment.

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19 Comments on “Sand Storm Brings Beijing Traffic To Grinding Halt...”

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    And if the people squawk too much about it, they might get a bullet in the back of the head, courtesy of the warlords.

    Ok, I’m in China. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you’ll know the Chicom Warlords got me. Sorry, there’s a knock at the door, must run.

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      crash sled

      “Ok, I’m in China. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you’ll know the Chicom Warlords got me. Sorry, there’s a knock at the door, must run.”


      Wait… don’t forget your surgical mask!

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    I wonder what our Australian communist overloards think about your words…

    Amazing how just under a century of Communist party agricultural mismanagement managed to create one of the biggest deserts in the world.

    Wait… you say the Gobi desert predates Mao? Blasphemy! Nothing predates the Great Leader!

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    Steven Lang

    You say Great Leader?

    You have never met a truly great leader unless you have met all too lovable Kim Jong Il!

    The Dear Leader has created an agricultural powerhouse worthy of twenty peasants!

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    “There you go: Chinese imports that won’t affect the balance of payment.”

    Possibly so … even importing babies from China starts with a small negative BoP which, Sea Turtles excluded, can only grow over time!

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    Air pollution, including toxic heavy metals, are being measured in ever greater numbers in our normally pristine air in Oregon. Thanks, China!

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    Better orange snow than yellow…

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    I can hear the enviornmentals crying; “we must save the Gobi now before it all goes down the drain of a Hong-Kong car wash.”

    Oh the horror!

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    See what happens when you fail to practice simple, basic xeriscaping? You get global sanding. Same thing’s been happening in North Africa because of the last few (hundred) lazy generations of Bedouin and Tuareg. The result? What’s come to be known as a scirocco, choking the most beautiful parts of Mediterranean Europe in gritty sand. It’s time for the U.N. to start a ‘go green’ effort to reclaim the Sahara and Gobi, and to train the inhabitants in at least the basics of sustainable desert living.

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    Didn’t they just auction off several parcels of land whose unit price rival that of Tokyo?

    Guess they need all that sand to make new land to sell.

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    I wonder how sandstorms and hot climates affect vehicles. Can someone from a very hot and sandy place tell me what extra precautions they have to take, in such an environment?

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    So, how do you write, “Wash Me,” in Chinese?


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    I was under the impression that the Gobi Desert existed prior to the methodologies of the “Chicom warlords”.
    Either I’m very mistaken on this point, or they don’t teach enough geography at bigot school.

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