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In addition to lowering prices on 2010 models, Saab is introducing $4k-$8k incentives on 2009 models, according to Will that be enough to make the company’s goal of 100k sales? With only 500 2009 models available in the US, and 2009 sales of 39k units globally last year, the answer is almost certainly a resounding “no.”

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5 Comments on “Saab Puts $4k-$8k Incentives On 2009 Models...”

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    Too little too late.

    Acura gave $4k (TL) to $8k(MDX) discounts here several month ago. I suppose no matter how you hate the Acura beak, it’s still far easier to sell Acuras than Saabs.

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    bill h.

    Well duh–though that goal of 100k was never meant to apply to 2009 if I’m not mistaken.

    Sorry, another non-story here.

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    I agree with bill h. in that this is a non-story.

    The 6-10k incentives announced last weekend are more of a story.

    $6000 9-3 2.0T SportSedan and 2.0T SportCombi
    $7000 9-3 Aero SportSedan, Aero SportCombi and all Convertibles
    $9000 9-5
    $10000 9-7X
    (plus another $1000 Saab loyalty or Volvo conquest)

    Niedermeyer should know by now to properly research before posting.

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    Not sure where he’s getting this 100k goal from…is he saying it’s the goal for ’10? Because Victor Muller said himself that the goal this year is 50K to 60K max and 100K+ in the future. Of course, this is coming from the same site that declared Saab “officially” dead earlier this year. And just a few years ago Saab sold 130K, and they have two brand new models coming out within the year, so it shouldn’t take too long to get back there in my opinion.

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    Doesn’t matter what the incentives are, as soon as the car is registered, it’s worth half of book.

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