By on March 3, 2010

Longtime auto observers know there’s a fine line between a clean, subtle design and a boring car. What might come as a surprise is that Subaru is the brand currently exploring the liminal zone between nice and narcoleptic. After all, when was the last time Subaru design was accused of understated elegance bordering on the hopelessly anodyne? But Subaru is already abandoning its rough-and-ready, quirkily-styled roots for Audi-junior positioning, and this Hybrid Tourer Concept captures those aspirations brilliantly. Too bad Subaru’s most pressing design challenge is improving its plastic-fantastic interiors.

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10 Comments on “Geneva Gallery: Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept...”

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    Actually, Subaru has since abandoned its Audi-Jr. pretenses and seems to be in the business now of making heavier, slower, uglier, less fuel efficient Toyota Camrys with cheaper/junky interiors.

    Compare a 2009 MY Legacy to the current generation and it’s like going from Audi to Lifan. But as their sales numbers indicate, all of these criteria are not important if you’re able to advertise yourself as environmentally friendly because a family of deer “coexist / eat out of the dumpsters ” at your Indiana factory

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    Ken Magalnik

    How do you open the giant doors? Do they swing or slide?

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    Well… It still has a boxer engine that sends some of its hybrid power to the rear wheels… So I guess its still a Subaru. Sort of.

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    The cleanest of the designs from Geneva IMO. Looks like a sporty station wagon. Front end is a little busy but nothing like the mess from Hyundai.

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    Rod Panhard

    It’s only a matter of time before the world’s cetaceans rise up and get even for intellectual property theft.

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    Don’t the headlights look almost identical to the concepts from Toyota for the FT86?

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    Could it be? Subaru has actually made an attractive car! Too bad it’s not for sale.

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    I WANT THAT!!!!

    And still will even after they add a B-Pillar!

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    I’m relieved that they’re still interested in doing proper wagons, now that the Outback has become an SUV…

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    My sister bought a new 2004 Forester because its height made it easier to get in and out, she had a high seating position,it had great visibility all around, and didn’t look like all those bars of Dove soap on wheels. What’s in this ‘design language’ for her?

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