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When Jaguar’s new XJ hit the car show circuit, many found themselves remarking that the latest big cat bears more than a striking resemblance to the Citroen design language. No surprise then, that Citroen’s sister brand has built a concept version of a forthcoming midsized sedan that bears a number of similar styling cues. Thanks to Ian Callum’s adventurous experiment, the Five by Peugeot Concept can almost be compared to an XJ, which is more than can be said for any American-market midsize sedan. Perhaps we could still learn a thing or two from the French.

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8 Comments on “Geneva Gallery: Five By Peugeot Concept...”

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    The rear end looks a lot better than the front with that ugly grill work. Some of the most beautiful cars ever built were the French art-deco cars of the 1930’s — Bugatti, Talbot Lago, Delahaye, Voisin, etc.

    The new XJ is a quantum leap over the previous version.


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    Perhaps we could still learn a thing or two from the French

    What, like cooking, winemaking, child care & education, fashion sense, a sense of history, urban development and a healthy attitude towards sexuality?

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      Robert Schwartz

      Or rudeness, hostility toward tourists, political rioting, unassimilatable immigrant underclasses on perpetual welfare, unemployment, urban ghettos, unaccountable elite bureaucrats, and heavy smoking. Furthermore, California wines have beaten the best French wines in blind tastings.

      I will acknowledge the truth of twotones praise of the 30’s French custom coach work, but it was custom coach work, and its like will never be seen again.

      The car looks like an update on the Volvo S60/S80.

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      I don’t know why but I prefer French arrogance to American arrogance somehow its just more charming.

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      Tricky Dicky

      Robert: those “unassimilatable immigrant underclasses on perpetual welfare” are great supporters of the car industry. Every New Year’s Eve they set fire to lots of old cars in the big urban centres, which is kind of like a ground-up, (insurance)-cash-for-clunkers scheme. All free enetrprise, no government support ;-)

      And the rudeness can be interpreted as a refusal to accept inferior status to the person requiring a service. They won’t grovel for your tip and pretend to love you, which is kind of refreshing if you’re all grinned and “have-a-nice-day”‘d out after a day or two in California.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    Nicest Peugeot in a long time!

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    What an amazing feat, they managed to crib the current Maxima and previous-gen Maxima all in one vehicle.

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    Uncle Mellow

    They can’t sell this as a Peugeot , it deserves a more up-market brand-name.
    I can’t be the only person who still wonders if the new XJ looks as questionable in the metal as it does in photos.The middle is OK , but the front isn’t right and the back is indescribable.

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