By on March 16, 2010

From Jim Sikes (he only wants a new car), and Orange County ( no idea what they really want), to class action lawyers (they want billions), everybody wants to cash in on Toyota. Chinese Zhejiang Province’s doesn’t want to stand behind. Their commerce bureau and consumer protection committee called on Toyota to compensate drivers for costs stemming from its recall of faulty vehicles, reports The Nikkei [sub]. Compared to what others want, the folks in Zhejiang are frugal.

They want a quick response and a timetable for completion of the recall. In China, the recall covers about 75,000 RAV4 sport utility vehicles made in 2009-10, no word on how many are in Zhejiang . The bureau also demands that Toyota supplies loaner cars while the RAV4 is in the shop. Furthermore, Toyota should compensate drivers for gasoline and other expenses involved in bringing cars back to dealerships. After all, Toyota is generous with spiffs in the U.S.A., and please don’t discriminate against us poor Chinese.

Toyota’s rsponse? Toyota China says the fix takes just 30 minutes, the customer can wait, and there is no need for a loaner. Toyota also does not reimburse costs involved in returning the vehicle, even in the U.S., they say. Now if the Chinese ask for gas money, how long will that take to catch on over here?

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