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“Pedalgate” has kept me a bit busy, at the expense of Curbside Classics. But that and the “lawyergate” story kept our servers running as hot as the flames on this Cutlass, and we smashed TTAC’s recent page view record yesterday, with 114k page views. And the NY Times is using our pictures of pedal guts. Well, I’m getting a little tired of looking at pedal insides; how about a whole, (or almost whole) car? And to keep on the theme, how about one that broke records as well as jumps, literally.

The Olds Cutlass Supreme Coupe story is huge, and one that we’ll cover properly in several segments. It broke through all kinds of sales records in its heyday. But this Cutlass Coupe literally jumps, at least according to its owner. I get the general concept of jumping cars, but I’m not exactly familiar with how organized “jumping” takes place. Is it a competition? Or just a demonstration? I had a snippet of conversation with the owner of this “jumper”, but not long enough to get much more than the obvious. So I’m hoping someone out there will educate this jumping ignoramus.

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11 Comments on “Curbside Classic Outtake: Jumping Over Records Edition...”

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    Some questions are better left unanswered…

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    Was this picture taken in Eugene?

    I see blue sky!

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    Jumping The Shark for Jesus…AMEN

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    Andy D

    to each, his own.I wonder if the local cops hassle him?

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    Well at least he’s doing it for JESUS! I always wanted to take a Bonneville and make the script on it read just EVIL. Or at least I’ve wanted to since my Dad bought a 92 model back in 1996.

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    It’s almost always nice when people love their cars, no matter how they express it

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    Now I know who to look out for when I fight Lord Humongous for gas after the apocalypse. I assume there’s a full frame under this right? other wise that push-bar will be of little help in a front-end impact.

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      I thought that these were unibody/subframe cars, but I could be wrong. Not my first choice for Dukes of Hazarding in, but to each his own.

      Hard to believe, but back in the 1970s these things were all over the place. I haven’t seen one outside of a car show in a long time. I do kind of like the schizo style of this example, EVIL, yet Crashin’ for Christ. What would Jesus crash into?

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    This Cutlass-and, of course, its A body cousins-are body on frame cars. A friend of mine had a ’76 Cutlass, and if it hadn’t had a solid frame underneath it, it would have literally fallen apart. That thing was just rusted full of holes!

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    Back in the day, these were good-looking cars.

    Waterfall grille is so-much like the Imperial CC of a few weeks ago.

    Even tho they are from the 500 mph-hinckelstein-bumper era, these bumpers look good.

    The BBQ paint makes this car look cool, and I love the care and detail that went into masking the taillights, these, esp the Olds logo, look great!

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    It doesn’t look anything like a lowrider car, but lowriders can make their cars ‘jump’ or ‘hop’ with the air suspension systems – I wonder if that is what the owner is referring to. There are competitions as to whose car can ‘hop’ the highest.

    Perhaps he just means ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ style country creek jumping! – although one jump usually wrecks the car – this is why filming that show destroyed so many 68-70 Chargers.

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