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German Mercedes tuner Carlsson has announced a 25-unit, limited-edition C25 coupe based on the Mercedes CL and the ancient nightmares of dread Cthulu. Sure, it has a 735 hp turbocharged V12, but that isn’t why people will buy it. The real ownership pitch: Carlsson will only sell one per country, thereby “guaranteeing exclusivity” for its buyers. Which begs the question: would Carlsson have sold that many C25s on their own merits? We think not.

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9 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Looney Tuned Edition...”

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    Hopefully it looks better in the flesh than this artist’s rendering. The front clip looks as big as the rest of the car. And that front is garish, ugly and too long. Will it sell? Sure it will for those reasons, it stands out and is different. Who cares if it has a 735 hp V12 is also right; that much horsepower in a front engined short wheelbase coupe isn’t going to be effective for much of anything but a drag race or two.

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    I’ll take a gently used, low mileage, 2004 CL 600. Twin turbo V12, 500 HP, 600 fp torque is enough for me. $130,000 new, now available for $30,000 or less. That Carlsson is pretty fugly to me.


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    All I can say is: fhtagn! I’m in love.

    Cars are supposed to look angry, not happy. The only bad thing that anyone has to say about the Mazda3 is “Why so Happy?”

    Love the front end, but clearly they hadn’t finished anything behind the front tires (or even giving it any thought). Maybe this is what the Acura “Beak” was aiming for.

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    I’m thinking when you drive it into the entry ramp at Walmart you’re gonna tear-off all that cheap looking plastic…

    Just another car you have to find a billiard table to drive on.

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    Sorry, but it’s so crazy, it’s awesome. It’s definitely not cookie-cutter, and you would never lose it in a crowd. Only one per country sounds scary though. I’d be too paranoid to drive it for fear of a fender bender. You’d never get replacement body parts for that thing!

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    A bit confused here, just how many countries has the world got these days?

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      Of the countries that can afford this car, five — Switzerland, China, Russia, Kuwait and Dubai.

      A bit confused here, just how many countries has the world got these days?

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