toyota 2000 GT

toyota 2000 GT

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  • Re: Thank You And Goodbye

    bball40dtw - Derek obviously read Doug’s Jalopnik article about getting a job in the auto industry.
  • Re: Seas, Ships, Old Men and Butter Knives

    bigtruckseriesreview @ Youtube - NICE TO MEET YA!!! How long till you resign? The turnaround rate here at TTAC reminds me of Walmart in Valley Stream.
  • Re: Hillary Clinton’s Explorer Van “Scooby”

    GeneralMalaise - Here’s some assistance, Fred article/417155/wisconsins-sham e-i-thought-it-was-home-inv...
  • Re: Thank You And Goodbye

    ect - Derek, Sorry to see you go, but wish you every possible success in your next endeavour
  • Re: Thank You And Goodbye

    bigtruckseriesreview @ Youtube - Does TTAC actually PAY its employees? I’ve seen more people sign on and sign off than Myspace here…
  • Re: Hillary Clinton’s Explorer Van “Scooby”

    APaGttH - The usual suspects have not disappointed! crunch crunch crunch I’m not seeing crunch crunch crunch Godwin’s Law – but...
  • Re: 2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i Review (With Video)

    NeilM - If you design an engine bay to accept an inline six and then offer an inline four, then back against the firewall is exactly where it’ll naturally...
  • Re: Seas, Ships, Old Men and Butter Knives

    tjh8402 - First up, welcome aboard. I’m glad I can retract the concern I expressed in Derek’s final column about losing a millenial generational...
  • Re: Thank You And Goodbye

    Crabspirits - At least brighten my day by starting with my PHEV aggro-minivan. That, or a return of the cruck.
  • Re: Hillary Clinton’s Explorer Van “Scooby”

    Pch101 - It would seem that the malaise in your handle extends to your research skills. 501(c)(4)’s are allowed to engage in political...

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