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box convention

Sometimes the xBs in my neighborhood need to get together for a little fellowship. But even though they’re all white, they’re generous enough to allow a couple of other horizontally-challenged  and colored members of the automobile species join them. Can you identify the two small cars hiding behind them? (The second car is behind the second xBox). If so; let us know, but no cheating; so don’t make the jump until you’re ready to write down your guesses:

CC 62 037 800

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24 Comments on “Cubeside Classic Contest With Clue: A Curious Congregation Of Compact Cubical Cars...”

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    Geo metro convertible (Chevrolet Sprint??) and Smart for two?

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    Way to give up on the alliteration. The headline should read, “Curbside Classic Outtake And Contest: A Curious Congregation Of Compact Cubical Cars.”

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    Oh wait… this is the scene right before they’re all modified and start robbing truckers right?

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    I recognized the Suzuki taillamps, but could not come around the trunk lid … didn’t remember that there was a cabrio version …

    But as a fortwo (A450 version) driver, I did recognize the fortwo (A451 version) … and even can tell you that they have tinted the fixed window in the door!

    BTW Paul, In your nice piece on the Super 88 (my dad had a 1960 in red 4-dr) you mentioned the benefits of the “tall car” package (funny, nobody uses that term anymore) … as a 6’2″ long-legged guy, I verify this every time I drive my ForTwo … btw, do you have any of those grey-imported Smart Roadsters in your town? (I heard some dealer there had brought a number over.) CC material (like the RHD Hi-Ace) maybe, maybe??

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      Robert; no, never seen a Smart roadster in the flesh. It would be a good find.

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      There was a Smart roadster here at the local subaru dealership several weeks back, I believe. Top up, on a saturday, and it was unlocked. I’d never been near a Smart, let alone sat in one, so I took the opportunity while I was there. It was only once I sat inside and looked up that I noticed the convertible top. I’m not sure how I missed it from the outside..
      Here’s a photo. Perhaps this isn’t technically the roadster you’re talking about? I may just be terribly confused heh..

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    Geo Metro, and I can’t make out the car in the street.  I didn’t even notice the Smart until after the jump!

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    Steven Lang

    I knew that was a 1st Gen Geo Metro convertible when I saw the 1st pic.
    As for the car in back with the rack? Could be any small wagon. The third Xb is hiding too much.
    Here’s a story related to the Metro. Back when I was in upstate New York, this supermarket chain decided to give away a car for their grand opening. Naturally, that car would be a Geo Metro convertible. This was back in the spring of 1992.
    Your entry had to be the one picked of course. But here’s the rub. You could only win once.  After it was chosen you could never again enjoy the benefits of entry stuffing.
    Well, they didn’t tell everyone this little rule until the very day of the drawing… and what happens? I ended up winning 25 lbs. of meat. This was at a time when I just so happened to be a vegetarian. I walk away disgusted in my early-90’s angst, get into my Celica, and drive 3 and a half hours back to Jersey.
    Once I got home I told my Dad what happened. “Are you nuts? You can get some nice veal cuts and a rack of ribs!” The next day I drove 210 miles back up to Saratoga Springs, pick up the meat, and drive back.
    That day was the very last time I was ever a vegetarian. After 8+ hours of driving and agonizing overplaying of a crappy Pink Floyd album, I decided that ‘granola life’ wasn’t for me and I would from that point forward enjoy the benefits of a more traditional American lifestyle.
    My Dad was an absolute Zen master when it came to breaking the mindsets of his kids. I hope I can follow in his footsteps.

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    My camoflage green xB never gets to play with others of its kind.  Your picture made me kind of sad, but at least I know your party would be open to me if I lived nearby, even though it would be the ‘camo sheep’ of the neighborhood.

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    Well, that beats the taown (with apologies to Oliver WEndell Holmes [deacon’s masterpiece]). Three white xBs all together. I’m sending this one to my [always beloved] X, who hates xBs, just to tease her. I didn’t even notice the smart behind the 2nd xB in the CCC, and from the angle, I thought the Suzuki was a Taurus. Sheesh. Anyway, I’d almost be tempted to travel all the way to Eugene just to see the three xBs parading around together, with the smart. (The Suzuki doesn’t really add anything to this picture.) That is really fun. Might be a good germ for a chldren’s book.
    They all just look like they’re having such a good time together. I want to join in.

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    Everyone’s perspective is different and what I see is:

    Three cars built in Aichi, Japan; one built in either Germany or France, and the convertible may have come from Canada.
    I’ll just leave my comment at that!

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    The Metro/Sprint convertible reminds me of a car in my neighborhood growing up.  It wasn’t anyone I knew, but someone about a quarter mile down the street had a red Sprint convertible with the 3-cylinder turbo.  I don’t recall it lasting long, but I do recall the same family had a visitor most every holiday with a beater 1970 El Camino SS 454 that I used to stare at in awe of its sheer rugged brutishness.

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    They are remaking ‘The Italian Job’ to appeal to a different demographic.  I hear the chase is leisurely.

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    “Jimmy, put your other two toy cars back in their boxes before you come in for supper!”

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    That’s the spirit, block the sidewalk

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    The one closest to the garage.. IS screaming METRO TSI CONVERTIBLE

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    There’s a guy up the street from me who’s a Saabaphile, I’ve counted 7 Saabs in the driveway and on the street in front of his house sometimes.  Given Saab’s situation, should I send him flowers?

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    this should be made into a song

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