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Remember how GM brags that they are the largest auto manufacturer in China? CAAM, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers says otherwise (via Gasgoo.) Here is the official CAAM list of the 10 largest passenger vehicle manufacturers in China, and their units sold in 2009:

  1. Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co: 708,100 units
  2. FAW-VW Automobile Co Ltd: 669,200 units
  3. Shanghai General Motors Co Ltd: 668,200 units
  4. Beijing Hyundai Motor Co: 521,000 units
  5. Dongfeng Nissan Ltd: 459,300 units
  6. BYD Co Ltd: 448,400 units
  7. Chery Automobile Co Ltd: 409,300 units
  8. Guangqi Honda Automobile Co Ltd: 337,200 units
  9. Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co Ltd: 334,700 units
  10. Geely Holding Group Co Ltd: 329,100 units

Taken into account that VW makes their Chinese cars with two joint ventures, SVW and FAW-VW, Volkswagen’s  combined total rises to 1,377,300. The imported VWs bring the number well above 1.4m .

In 2009, the combined sales volume of the ten largest auto makers amounted to 4.88 million units, accounting for 65 percent of the total sedan sales in China.

Curiously, the BYD F3 is the best-selling car model last year, with 291,000 units sold. GM inflates its numbers by using the more than 1m commercial vehicles, cranked out by a SAIC/Wuling/GM joint venture, in which GM holds a minority interest of 34 percent. Wisely, the CAAM omitted them from the count.

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8 Comments on “China’s 10 Largest Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers 2009...”

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    668k is not bad for GM, hopefully Ford can crack into the market with their new cars.

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    I rode in a chinese VW when I was there . . . 1997 Saturn S car felt more beefy.

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      Any car is an improvement over a bicycle or an oxcart.
      Even in nominal dollars it is pretty incredible to think how much car your dollar buys in the U.S.. Whether you compare us to China, India, South America or even Europe, I doubt you can find better deals than what we command.

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    Chinese cities are full of VW taxis, it could reflect the numbers.

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      Chinese cities are full of VW taxis, it could reflect the numbers.
      Shanghai is full of Santana taxis, due to the fact that the city of Shanghai has an interest in SAIC. (Haven’t seen many Buick taxis, despite a similar interest.)  In Beijing, the taxi fleet is now predominantly Hyundai, due to the fact that Hyundai’s joint venture partner BAIC is owned by the Beijing municipality. There are some 60,000 taxis in Beijing, a lot of them old Jettas from before the Hyundai deal. In Shanghai, there is a similar number of taxis on the road.  Sorry, you need to look for another explanation.  Such as people buying cars.

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      All the taxis in ChongQing were (some kind of) VW.
      Hong Kong had Toyota Crowns . . . to which I gawked at the endless space in the back seat :o

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    This has been the situation for a number of years now … GM was up to its old smoke & mirrors trick of claiming inappropriate share by parsing production statistics…

    It would be interesting to see production numbers by brand filtered by the %-share of equity held by the western automakers … it would look like this:  SGM total: 668k (this reflects GM-brand vehicles sold); GM-share of the 668k: 333k (or whatever it is based on GM’s 49% share in SGM).

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