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Sportlich? (

When Rolls Royce’s PR folks told Autobild that the Phantom Coupe was the sportier model in the lineup, they probably didn’t expect the German magazine to treat it like a GTI or Type R. But they did. The result? Er quietscht, er qualmt, er quält sich (or, as Google Translate hilariously puts it, “he squeaks, he smokes, he torments himself”), say the Germans, before concluding that “there is a little bit of BMW in this Rolls-Royce after all.” And in the proud tradition of German car reviewing, comparing any car to a German car is as high as the praise gets.

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14 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Taking The PR At Face Value Edition...”

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    The tire looks big.

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    People who buy Rolls Royces could care less how they perform on any kind of a track test or what any magazine except for maybe the Robb Report thinks of the vehicles.
    People buy a Rolls Royce for one reason, to show everyone else they can afford one.

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    BMW is doing right by both MINI and Rolls, unlike the FWD based, huge front overhang crap VW serves up as an entry level Bentley Continental GT.

    James May probably wouldn’t like this, but now that Bentley is separate Rolls needs a well appointed muscle car. For a company that has used the slogan “Those with drive aren’t driven” BMW did show some restraint in making a Rolls limo first.

    However, the coal fired steam pushrod powered Bentley Brooklands, which beats this on power and, by a mile, on torque, is still the best:

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    I’m surprised to see only one cone being knocked over.  Maybe the driver tried to slalom at the first cone and the RR land yacht just started to turn in.

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    Someones Grey Poupon just went sliding and splattered the rear passenger window.

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    Strange cars, those Rolls Royces and Bentleys, aren’t they? Simply over-sized, nowadays, without offering any benefits. Who cares about overhangs in this class?

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    Re: herb,
    “Simply over-sized, nowadays, without offering any benefits.”
    I respectfully disagree my friend.
    If I had one of these I’d load it up with cocktail waitresses and strippers and head over to Tiger’s house for a little ‘night putting’.

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      There was a skit by a local radio show a couple years ago where they sent a guy to the Chicago auto show.  He started interviewing a Bentley rep, and after a couple of normal questions to warm the rep up he started asking the Bentley rep how many dead hookers would fit in the trunks of various Bentleys, and how that compared to lesser cars.  The Bentley rep completely went along with it, giving his estimation of how many dead hookers would fit in the trunks like he was talking about engine specs. I don’t like the cheaper VW based Bentleys, but the salespeople still have the right attitude.

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    Egads!  There is no driver, only a passenger!  Ack, it is a self-driving, cone-kicking, car!

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    Banksters, OPEC ministers, local drug dealers, Bilderberg boys, and the ilk are the target audience. Why wouldn’t you advertise the “get away car” appeal. Spot on advertising. 

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    Leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan into it.  I rode to lunch in my coworker’s conversion van the other day. It leaned in corners as much as that Rolls.   I guess they’re trying to keep the Roll in Rolls Royce.

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