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Wow, what a fantastic audience! (courtesy:WSJ)

Check out Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne’s recent quote-tastic speech and Q&A session at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The speech is almost identical to the one he gave at the Five-Year Plan, but the Q&A session is full of fun insights, ranging from Sergio’s fear of a Chinese planet and Opel regrets to the reasons for pricing discrepancies between Europe and the US.

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12 Comments on “Sergio Marchionne Speaks. Again. Still....”

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    Chrysler is still around?

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    Love how Sergio always wears a sweater, never Detroit-style straitjacket suit/tie combo.

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    “Again. Still.” Please, PLEASE stop using that phrase. It was okay once, now it’s just boring and contrived.

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    Gotta say, listening to the Q&A session, the guy is pretty impressive.  In fact, I think he can do a much better job as CEO of GM which I think has a shot at survival instead of CEO of Chrysler/Fiat which is a lost cause anyway..

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    The Challenger is CRASHING in sales.  It is a BIG UGLY car . also

    Chrysler will go bankrupt in a couple of years if that.  Wow what a HUGE drop in sales. Is there really a nation wide BOYCOTT of chrysler? the numbers seem to point to a boycott.
    November 2007 161,088
    November 2008    85,260  (47% drop from 2007)
    November 2009     63560  (25 % drop from 2008) 25% drop from a pathetic 2008 speaks volumes.
    Fiat is NOT known for quality Proof
    2009 Chrysler and Fiat Ranked Worst in UK J.D. Power Study Review
    As well they did poor in Germany and France. Which you can google. But it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Chrysler is finished and Fiat is a nothing company not known for quality and hasn’t invested 1 penny. (Fiat)Fix It Again Tony , What more can you say? Chrysler autoworker cheerleaders come talk your team leader brainwash stupidity. Chrysler is going down HARD!

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      Sheesh…take a chill pill already. I for one would like to see them suceed so we can get some of our money back. If you don’t like their products, don’t buy them…it’s really just that simple. I freely admit I own a Jeep Wrangler and it’s been a great vehicle – only thing that ever went wrong was a cracked door trim panel…big deal. My Sister’s Acura of the same vintage had more problems than my Jeep has ever had.

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    I have never seen someone so happy to see a company go down
    I for one don’t want to piss my tax dollars away and certainly appreciate more compeition in the marketplace.
    You’re pretty much a troll by now anyway so I don’t know why im wasting the bandwith.

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    Suddenly I have an urge to replace my old Jeep with a new Ram Powerwagon.  I hope I can find one by months end!

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    There’s no nationwide boycott of Chrysler, nor of Kmart.  There are enough high-school dropouts to fill those aisles!
    Chrysler’s image cannot get any worse… which probably means Chapter 7.  Will they take Fiat down with them? I can only hope, even though Fiat hasn’t actually invested any cash money in Chrysler.

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    How old are you dude? I’m guessing 15? Probably not even old enough to buy a Chrysler…

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    Is it out of line to request this guy be banned? Seriously.

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