By on November 10, 2009

OK, your insurer might be. You’ll be fine though.

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7 Comments on “Who’s Afraid Of Scary At-The-Limits Handling?...”

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    I’m confused. I thought insurance companies calculated risk based on loss rates, not at-the-limit handling prowess.

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    WOW!! How exactly do you escape out of that car if it is upside down. It seems that you would have a higher risk of entrapment with that car, if it were in its lid. I always knew I liked frameless windows.. now i know why

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    The SLS’s doors are equipped with explosive bolts that trigger in the event of a rollover. Same system that powers the pop-up roll bar in the SL.

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    I agree about the upside down thing, however; I did not get the point of the video.  They showed a lot of (boring) detail about how they prepared the crash-test dummies.  I’m sorry I sat through it because we never got to see the resulting damage on said dummies.

    It’s okay to slightly bore me if the video will eventually connect the dots and come to a point.  That was such a waste of time and patience that I think I’m done with videos for today.

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    Oh no! They’re using COMPUTER MODELS!

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    Greg Locock

    What’s the headline got to do with the video? Crashing things into walls is only vaguely connected to handling.  And as crash tests go that doesn’t seem very scary.

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    Awesome! The car comes with a special crash valet attendant, equipped with a special door opening tool in case you roll over onto an absolutely flat surface, who will open the door for you and escort you to your waiting luxury ambulance equipped with wifi.

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