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Since blaming individual stupidity is no longer in fashion, someone get a lawyer on the phone!

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26 Comments on “When Floormats Attack: More Toyota Unintentional Acceleration?...”

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    Was blaming individual stupidity ever in fashion?

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    Did anyone consider the possibility of INTENDED acceleration? Sounds like the perp was none too thrilled with the citation!

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    I got a ticket once.  I didn’t do that to the cop.  I just drove away after getting a ticket…
    GOSH.  WHY…  why did the driver do that?

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    Giving the continued engine revving long after the Toyota is parked on the Crown Vic’s hood, I would suspect that we have yet another geezer who should have given up driving long ago.  He goofed up what gear he was in and then mashed the gas pedal to the floor. When the car went backwards, he kept his foot pinned to the floor convinced that he was on the brakes.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. The wrinklies are supposed to be the safest age group on the road. Go take a look at the cars parked belonging to your nearest octogenarian acquaintance/ family member/ grumpy neighbor who wants your damn kids off of his damn lawn. How many dents, dings, and scrapes and other unreported- to- the- insurance- company “oopsies” to do you see on the chariot he selected to carry him through the golden years?   

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      I agree that elderly driver are often dangerous. The problem is dementia more than loss of physical skill. The classic elderly driver’s mistake is going the wrong way on a one way road such as an interstate.
      Not everyone turns into a f—up at age 60. Two examples:
      Paul Frere. Engineer and racing driving from the 1950s and ’60s and contributor to Road and Track. At age 87, drove the previous year’s winning Audi during practice at Le Mans. Got up to 188 mph on the Mulsanne straight.
      John Fitch: WWW II Mustang pilot. During 1950s drove Cunninghams in endurance races. Safety engineer who developed sand filled barriers used on highways and race tracks. In late 80s drove Mercedes 300 SLR on Bonneville Salt Flats trying to set a new class speed record. There is a video about it called Gullwing at Twilight.

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    Since I doubt our illustrious driver wasn’t pulsing the accellerator pedal with a regular rhythm like that while suspended from his seat belt, was that the engine rev limiter?

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    1.  Driver is a douchebag who can’t be bothered to turn on his hazard flashers when he’s pulled over.
    2.  He had to step on the brake to shift the car out of park.
    3.  He did signal and was starting to be careful pulling out, but then picked the wrong gear.  Perhaps the resulting crash caused a floormat or other object to lodge over the accelerator pedal.

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    Dot’s connected!

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    My neighbor was involved in a car accident which wrecked her Toyota Camry and caused her to tear a ligament in her leg.

    Now, I’m thinking that that car wreck saved her life – her floormats coulda killed her :P

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    Geo. Levecque

    At the GM News conference, they showed a older Gentleman who purchased a Camaro, he is 101!! Amazing, I doubt he would get Car Insurance in most areas, at that  age?

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    Toyota Camry? All acceleration there is probably unintentional.

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    The killer floormats only come standard with the 2007-2010 Camry; the car in the video is a 2005-2006 MY.  It is possible, of course, that the car has a defect of a potential for an unsecured or incompatible velour dashboard cover to fall off and interfere with the shifter and cause it to get stuck in the reverse position.
    Perhaps the cop will cut the driver a break since he at least signalled before pulling out.

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    Via Nocturna

    Seen it already, but I do love that video.

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    Dukeboy –
    I see it all the time with our Lincoln-Mercury customers.  Whenever we are examining the trade in and there are mysterious scrapes and dents and we ask the elderly customers how they came to pass the answer is always ‘I’m not sure, someone must have hit it in the parking lot’.

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    Well, it certainly isn’t going to be sudden acceleration, given that it’s a Toyota Camry…
    Listen closely, and you hear that the time between each bounce off the rev limiter grows ever longer.  Motor damage?

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      Listen closely, and you hear that the time between each bounce off the rev limiter grows ever longer.  Motor damage?
      Considering the steep angle of the car after it backed up onto the police cruiser, my guess is oil is getting into the cylinders causing the engine to surge, much like what happens to a lawn mower when tilted severely.

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    You’ll notice the brake lights never went on as he backed up onto the hood of the car.
    There is only one explaination – he was on the gas.

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    You’ll notice a brief flash of brake light while he move the shifter out of park – then nothing but reverse lights.
    Is there any other explaination of the brake light/reverse light behavior?

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      Looks like he was attempting to put the car into Drive and start off (as I noted earlier, he had stopped dead in a traveling lane of the roadway without bothering to put on his hazard flashers).  He hit Reverse instead of Drive and accelerated into the police car.  The impact was severe enough to knock his bottle of Viagra and can of Geritol into the floorboard, where they rolled forward and lodged against the accelerator.  Since this happens with some regularity, the police officer realized what had happened and instructed the driver to turn off the car.

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    Damn those floor mats,  they can jam the shifter into reverse as well.  What an awful design.

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    Jimmy Doolittle was also a skilled driver into old age.  But we knew he was exceptional.

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    Here’s a pic from the outside:
    Yeah, the driver was 70 years old.

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    I think he was still pressing down on the accelerator. He was probably doing that because he felt like he was falling forward and wanted to stop it. Of course the only thing he could use to brace himself was the accelerator. Why there can’t be mandatory driving tests for any over 65 and anyone who has suffered serious brain trauma is beyond me.

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