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GM Canada offers the least sufficient alternative possible for the defunct Pontiac G8 [via Derek Kreindler/CarChat]. Sound familiar?

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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Cold Comfort Comparison Edition...”

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    My brother has a Canadian spec G8. Black/black. Nice hairy chest car. A beast of a 4 door. G8 RIP.

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    It’ll be fun to see the endless array of ridiculous substitutes that will inevitably fill the comment section of this post.

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    The Impala is not quite a substitute for a G8. GM has nothing to substitute, why don’t they honest up and say they abandoned the RWD sport sedan market.

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    We have a 2006 Impala in our family and it is honestly not a bad car but it is pretty average. Substitute for a G8? I don’t think so.

     If you want RWD in a sedan in a moderate price range, you’ll have to go look at Chrysler/Dodge which is a bit dicey or maybe a Cadillac CTS but it lacks the ooomph of a Charger R/T, 300C or G8 (CTS-V is way out of line price-wise).  Same issue with Benz &  BMW, too expensive for the most part.

    The G8 was unique for GM and now it’s done ; I believe it was a mistake to have dumped it. GM could make money at 25 to 30,000 units and the volume is still small enough to not have an adverse impact on CAFE. 

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    Hahaha…  I was slightly considering the purchase of a Malibu this summer and test drove one at my local Chevy dealer.  After about a month since my visit and test drive I get a call from the salesman.  Asking me if I was still interested in the Malibu with which I responded I would rather put myself in a G8 and that was what I was now looking for.  He promptly, without even thinking about it, suggested I test drive an Impala…  That dealership at that point had lost all credibility as far as I was concerned. 

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    Sigh.  Anybody want to offer predictions on what a G8 GXP will fetch at auction in 20 years?
    This reminds me of an article I read a few years back on where the author was speculating that the real reason Americans had gravitated to trucks and SUVs was that it simply “feels better” to be pushed along by the rear wheels than pulled along by the fronts.  IMHO that’s a bit simplistic but also dangerously close to the mark.
    GM has abandoned station wagons, why not admit they’ve abandoned RWD cars (-Cadillac) as well?

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      I don’t know about the sensation push/pull-wise, but I think it was also due to the fact that you could still get a V8, and of course this was the time that automakers were starting to load up trucks with as many (often more) creature comforts as passenger cars.  Not to mention baby boomers and their aching knees, but let’s not go too far down this rabbit hole again.

      Witness Sajeev’s review of the 2009 Ram; he said it didn’t ride like a Cadillac, it rode like a real Cadillac.  Still much to be said for a long wheelbase on North American highways and byways.

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      Sigh.  Anybody want to offer predictions on what a G8 GXP will fetch at auction in 20 years?
      No much. May be much much more than an Impala, but that’s not a compliment.
      If you care about preserving value, you may want to just buy a Fit for driving and invest the rest in gold, which should be good for the next while (but not always).

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    We’re sorry, the Pontiac G8 is no longer available. Treat yourself to a Camaro SS instead. It’s faster, comes in some wicked colours (see? a ‘u’ for Canadian content) and you can even get stripes! Do you really care what your wife says? Don’t let yourself be emasculated! Check out the new Camaro…

    Don’t be a pussy.

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    In Nationalized America, car choose YOU.

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    @rpol35:  Infiniti G37.

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      Too small. The M is closer in size, but then you get up into the $40k+ range.

      The G8 truly was a car in a class all to itself, or at least at the top of a very small class. GM could have rebadged it as a Chevy and made more money on it by selling stripped down versions into police service (which they appear to be doing anyway). Even if they’re happy with the current FWD Impala, the G8 could have been offered as a Caprice here, and gone from fairly base to luxurious to sporty, with different suspensions, wheelbases, and other options. GM messed up on this one.

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    Facebook User

    By building a car in the ways that really matter? I think not.  But then my opinion was based on 2 weeksand 2000 miles in an Avis rental.
    The first week was in August when I went fishing in Alaska.
    The 2nd week was 2 weeks ago when I took a trip to LA.
    1.  The car that really delivers comes with a 5 or 6 speed transmission.  not 4 with god awful ratios.
    2.  A car that seats 6 needs more than 2 cup holders.  Seriously.
    3.  Rear seats that don’t fold down?  Luckily I was going fishing and was able to find a short rod in the shed.
    Maybe the retail versions of the car are diff.  After all, it was a rental fleet special and GM is known to cut out goodies in the name of cost.

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    Via Nocturna

    “We’re sorry, the Corvette ZR1 is not available for test driving at a dealer near you.”
    Might we suggest a Cobalt coupe instead?

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    Being a big fan of RWD, and an owner of another Holden/Pontiac (a GTO), I lament GM’s decision to stop selling the G8. Telling people a comparable car is an Impala is a cruel jest. That is, unless it is a pristine B-body Impala SS…

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    Funny, but GM Canada still have this one their website:

    Seems kind of strange that they’d leave that up.

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