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The SEAT Ibiza – Limited Edition. Picture courtesy

When we reported Chinese rumors that Veedub might open a factory in Southern China to make up for its lack of exposure and market share down south, we wondered “which of their two Chinese joint venture partners will get the new plant.” If the latest rumors are true, all options are wide open. It might even be a new joint venture partner. According to Guangzhou Daily (via Gasgoo) Volkswagen could bring its ill-fated SEAT brand to China.

We’ll know more when VW will announce its “South Strategy” at the 2009 Guangzhou auto show next week. If they do.

Currently, Volkswagen has two joint ventures in China. FAW VW in Changchun makes Volkswagen and Audis. SVW, a joint venture with SAIC, makes Volkswagens and Skodas in Shanghai.

VW likes logic, as harebrained the logic may be. VW bought SEAT to break into the Southern European market, so VW-logic could call for using the same brand to invade China’s South. Maybe. If there wouldn’t be some disconcerting tidbits.

“The question is not whether the Seat brand will come to China, but when it will come,” said Fan Ande, CEO of Volkswagen Group China, according to Guangzhou Daily. Furthermore, the paper writes that “Seat chairman Erich Schmitt has also said that his company is planning to enter the fast-growing Chinese market and will choose coastal cities as its pilot market.” Trouble is, there is no VW CEO by the name of Fan Ande in China, his name is Winfried Vahland. Erich Schmitt had left SEAT on September 1, and was replaced by James Muir. We’ll know more next week. Or not.

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5 Comments on “Volkswagen To China: Have A SEAT...”

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    I always enjoyed VW design for the most part; but this thing looks like an errant Buick mated with a Golf, or possibly a Mazda 3.  That being said, the Bocanegra version out-Mazdas Mazda.

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    A few comments in other posts mentioned spotting imports in the south, around Hong Kong, primarily luxury models. SEAT is decidedly down-market.  Is this the right car for this area?

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    Facebook User

    was it extremely hard to put a high resolution picture of the seat ibiza? was it so hard to find a picture that was not 30 x 30 pixels?
    this is a very good car, im a proud owner of the new one and it is much better than my father POS cadillac cts that has broken down every 2 months and the transmision is damaged.
    it has only 20,000 miles

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    FAcebook user: You can take a look for Ibiza range on these links: (click on “Imágenes”)
    And a smart contact

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    China will soon be the biggest market for VW (I see Europe as one market). If VW has only one partner in China it will be its equal but VW will be in the driving seat if it has two or three (with Seat) Chinese partners.

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