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Dr. Seuss' "Loose lips sink ships" character

During the last three weeks, our WordPress software has [wrongly] interecepted some of our Best and Brightest’s comments as spam. While we sympathize, we really have no control over what e-mails get flagged this way. Perhaps you participate on another blog that uses Akismet and that blog has misidentified you as a spammer. If so, Akismet will identify your username, e-mail address and/or IP address as a spammer and hold your comments for manual approval. We manually release all such comments—once we check the filter. One of the admins has to do this, so it may take some time before the comment appears under the post. If you resubmit the comment, it only compounds the problem; we have to tell Akismet, “No, Not Spam,” for each submission and then manually delete the duplicates. If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, please have patience. We’ll eventually get to it and release it into the wild. Thank you for your understanding.

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7 Comments on “TTAC Housekeeping: Comment Spam SNAFUs...”

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    Private SNAFU. He’s Airman FUBAR’s cousin. They report to Sgt T. U. Niform.

  • avatar

    Just as a heads-up:

    I was having this problem a few weeks ago. It seems to be gone for me now. All I did as a fix was go about 50 hours without signing in or attempting to comment.

    I have no idea why that would work, but it did.

  • avatar

    I have a dynamic IP address, and it seems to depend upon which address my router “grabs” when I sign into my network.

    Oh, and thanks for illustrating this with the “Private Snafu” artwork. I’d never heard of him, and I just spent a great afternoon lazily watching all of these cartoons that I could find on YouTube. Many of the scripts were written by Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel…great stuff!

  • avatar

    Ive been commenting on here.. for coming on about two years… and just in the past 6 months.. is the commenting system being a MAJOR PITA for me.

    It used to be the text editing was screwy.. but now every post is hung up on spam…

    Id also like to know..
    Is there a way to see all the posts Ive ever submitted on here…

  • avatar
    Gardiner Westbound

    The issue, in my experience, is exclusive to TTAC. My comments are embargoed here notwithstanding it has never occurred elsewhere.

  • avatar

    I wouldn’t put it exclusively on TTAC… seems to me Askimet is a PITA in various places under various conditions.

  • avatar

    coincidentally, I used that term this past week and my teen/adult sons had no idea what SNAFU meant.

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