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“First shots of the new merc e-class amg. Outran my 911 easily on the autobahn. Its idle wasn’t a v8. Will blog when I get home. [sent from iPhone]”

I frantically typed these words on my (overly) touch sensitive iPhone whilst parked at the Eifel Tankstelle on the A1 Autobahn. I knew the vehicle following me on the B-258 coming back from the Nürburgring was unusual, simply due to its camouflaged fascia hiding massive brake ducts, and some sporty fender bulges.

It followed closely behind as I merged onto the A1/A48, and that’s where I “Punched it!”, and we were off. My revs climbed and climbed to no avail, as a thundering beast not just outran, but laid waste to my 911. I could only watch as my speed crested 200km/h, and all I could see were LED taillights. The distance increased as I crested 240km/h, and he pulled away to over 150 meters, and that’s where I called it quits, as the road surface grew damp, and my ass-engined Nazi slot car melts like a Wicked Witch of the West when it rains.

I followed it to the fuel station, where I pulled in front to “fuel” my Carrera, long enough until the driver went inside. The back seats were full of electronic gear, and as the car idled, it was a lumpy, throbbing idle that sounded eerily similar to the V-10 found in a Dodge Viper. Perhaps AMG hasn’t sorted out the engine fully, or it was a weird, and overly massive V8 with turbo chargers (there was no supercharger whine). Press releases already confirm the 6.3L V8 in the E63 AMG, so could we be spying the Black Series?

The rear bumper sprouted large quad-pipes but strangely it didn’t mimick the front fender bulges. It was the quad exhausts that were mostly what I saw as we departed the gas station as he was gone, real gone before I had the chance to even downshift.

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11 Comments on “New E-Class AMG Spotted on German Autobahn (Where Else?)...”

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    I can’t really imagine Mercedes using anything else than their 6.2 M156 V8 which was introduced just 3 years ago. They don’t have anything else in that power / weight category. Over 500hp is too much for a V6, a V10 or V12 would be too heavy and inefficient.

    Or is it a prototype of the rumoured new V8 Biturbo M278 direct ignition engine? Direct ignition, Turbos and a not yet sound-optimized exhaust could explain atypical engine sound.

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    I have no doubt the 2010 E-class will sell very well in its 2nd and 3rd years but I’m dissapointed with the rear end light design (like everyone else is) and I think the fog lights needed more work.

    The E-class has been brought almost to the same level as my S550. I hear they will offer dynamic multicontour seats for massages. Some people don’t care for em, but, I love mine.

    And what’s up with Mercedes Benz claiming there won’t be an E-class Coupe AMG?
    The new E-coupe is gonna sell faster than the CLS because of its low price, and since the E Coupe has a pillarless coupe design like the CL – there really is no need to buy a CL unless you really want the S550’s interior.

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    As exciting as it might be to speculate about a V10, twin-turbo V8 or perhaps a Black Series E, the pragmatic odds are that they simply haven’t finalized the tuning of the 6.2L V8… That’s one reason a car would still be undergoing “final development”.

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    Why don’t they simply rename the brand to MBA (Mercedes Benz Amg)? So that they don’t have to put “AMG” after every of their model’s name.

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    It’s just a car.

    Anyone who’s ridden or driven a Benz of recent vintage realized how average and mundane they truly are, and how badly the buyers are having it shoved up their arses.

    Granted, there was a glorious time when there really was a difference between a Benz and a more pedantic vehicle…but alas, no more.

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    i agree as well, shallow and pedantic.

    lol, my favorite family guy quote.

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    I meant to write ‘pedestrian,’ and not ‘pedantic.’


    Edited version: “It’s just a car.

    Anyone who’s ridden or driven a Benz of recent vintage realized how average and mundane they truly are, and how badly the buyers are having it shoved up their arses.

    Granted, there was a glorious time when there really was a difference between a Benz and a more pedestrian vehicle…but alas, no more.”

    *p.s. – I agree, Family Guy rules. Gotta’ love Stewie.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    Do the camo appliers really think they’re fooling anyone when they cover the badge (on the grille)?

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    Wouldn’t a AMG test car have “LB” plates insteat of “FR”? Or “BB” maybe, if registered to the corporate headquarters?

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    @ Mirko,

    thats what I wondered…. it should have an “S” plate at least

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    Freiburg would still not be all that far away – have seen some S-Class prototypes with FR plates when living in Switzerland some years ago. Although most were Boeblingen (BB).

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