By on April 18, 2009

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49 Comments on “Ask the Best and Brightest: Should I?...”

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    If your financial advisor is OK with it, how could you not? And look at it this way: you will be beautifying America’s highways. And if it gives you joy, hopefully that joy will be contagious.

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    Hope you’ve got real deep pockets. The purchase is just the start of all the fun.

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    Unless you need the rear seats, get the Cayman S, I say… but that’s just me.

    I actually don’t really fit well in either Porsche; spiritually and physically, they just don’t feel right. But that brings up the all-important: test drive it, and some other cars in the price range. If it really stirs your soul (and you have the means), get it.

    I’ve been amazed what cars I ruled out with a test drive. I thought I wanted them for months, but when I actually sat in it or drove it, it rubbed me wrong…

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    Robert Schwartz

    Only if you can get a good lease deal, or if you can get a good deal on one that is 5+ years old. Otherwise the depreciation …

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    Those who can, often do.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Less stress than the Dolly for sure

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    Get the R8. It’s just better.

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    I, too, vacilated and dithered before buying my first 911 Targa 26 years ago. After handing over the money and signing off on the paperwork, I put my key in the ignition (with my left hand, how weird that felt) fired it up and pulled away. Fifteen seconds later I profoundly knew I had done the right thing.

    I’ve never not had a 911 under me since.

    Just do it.

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    There’s a lot of wisdom on this site about depreciation, fiscal responsibility, etc., as they pertain to buying new cars, and some of that’s already been echoed above, and few brands are more subject to those conditions than Porsche, but, I have to say, if you can sincerely ask the question “should I?” of a brand new 2009 Porsche Carrera (S?), then you’ve already answered the question.

    Go now. Pay. Enjoy.

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    Just seeing the photo of that Porsche has brightened my day.

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    Mike – any flavor of 911 is awesome without a doubt but, having lived near its place of manufacture for a while, I am pretty certain that you do end up paying for a lot more than just the car. If you’ve paid off your house and your 401K looks good then go for it. If not, then there are plenty of other automotive thrills that can be had for a good deal less.

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    I saw a pic of a 997, and the question “Should I?”

    This equation yields only one result:


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    @ the B&B,

    The car pictures is a 2005 Carrera S, with 24,000kms on it. And I’m thinking of leasing it, as its a Porsche Approved Gebrauchtwagen.

    And its on the 2nd deck of the Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart showroom, across the street from the Porsche Museum.

    @ Martin,

    Once again, your words of wisdom are heeded… especially after watching videos of Dolly’s attempting to make it through one lap of the Nurburgring without exploding. Commuting 20 minutes of autobahn each way in an “iffy” English car from British Leyland… what WAS I thinking?

    Although Hamster did have a lot of fun with that green Dolomite Sprint…..

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    I’m with imag that I’d rather get a Cayman.

    The money-grubbing side of me just can’t itself around the price and the lack of anything tangible from Porsche money that justifies the price over a Nissan 370Z, a BMW 3-series, a Mazda Miata, or even a Mazdaspeed 3.

    But, if you can afford to take the depreciation hit if you’re wrong and it’s what you really want, go for it.

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    1600 MKII

    I would say the A8 for the same $$, but whatever floats your etc….

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    If you’re asking here, you know you want the answer to be “yes”.

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    Do it before you run out of time – regret is a terrible feeling, especially when there’s no time to make amends.

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    Yes, for no other reason than because you can.

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    Hey man, if this is what rocks your boat, more power to you! Carpe diem and all that. I’m pretty sure you’ve made all other considerations, if you’re thinking ’bout it, probably means yo can. So yeah!

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    And, damn! I’d love to be in your position! :)

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    If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up….

    Where have I heard that line before?

    With the lease, the unexpected maintenance headaches are theirs, yes?

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    That’s one tight Volkswagen Beetle.

    Should you? Well, look at your bank account. Should provide some sort of answer.

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    That looks like the one to get. 2005 and low miles sounds like the best way to go. You might not lose much money, pay nearly as much as new, and get all the benefits. I say give yourself an amount of money you are willing to lose on the car and if this car works for ya, buy it. If you don’t buy it, then feel sad, relax, and work on feeling better about life and yourself. Also look at other fun cars, that are more affordable. An M3 perhaps, specially E30.

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    I hate to be the picky el-cheapo dumbass here…

    But I like the 911…

    But not in SILVER.

    I also dont like the interior.. on these cars at least going back 5-10yrs.

    I also have a mad hatred for the nav systems.. and cup holders.

    If I was going to get A N E W PORSCHE..

    It wouldnt be silver (or dark blue / almost black), it wouldnt be the CarreraS (the 4wd unit) and it wouldnt be the Cayman OR the Boxster.

    But a 911 that REALLY stands out.
    With either a light blue, a yellow or some shade of GREEN..
    And Id somehow wait until they manage to stuff the interior from the Panamera (what an awful fuckin vehicle..) into this. They FINALLY put together a decent and good looking (albiet BUTTON CRAZY interior.. and they do it on a vehicle thats a VILE decision)

    Get a Porsche 911.. that stands out..

    And if you were going to get…
    A used Porsche.. or gently used..
    Id go for a 911 with the whale tail from the 80s, in yellow..
    Or a 928S…
    Or even a 914/6.

    Something that stands out, looks good.. and is different.

    And definately… not silver, or dark blue.
    Not just in a sea of Silver 911s, but stands out.. IN GENERAL.

    But in short..
    Not this.. way to plain.

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    Of course you should. Ignore the bleating naysayers. Every man should own a 911 once, and many should own them over and over again.

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    You only live once. It doesn’t matter what opinions others have of your actions; if you believe that the Porsche is a good purchase then have at it.

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    I actually have to agree with Accords. A silver Porsche just isn’t interesting to look at. Now Hamster’s neon green GT3 RS on the other hand, that’ll get noticed.

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    If you are paying cash (or equivalent) its all good.

    BTW, you have excellent taste.

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    “I, too, vacilated and dithered before buying my first 911 Targa 26 years ago. After handing over the money and signing off on the paperwork, I put my key in the ignition (with my left hand, how weird that felt) fired it up and pulled away. Fifteen seconds later I profoundly knew I had done the right thing.

    I’ve never not had a 911 under me since.”

    Listen to readingthetape, Mike. Ignore the rest.

    One of the few things I regret in life is that I waited too long to have a 911. Owning and driving one regularly is the only way to know how much satisfaction and pleasure the thing can give.

    That silver 2005 Carrera S is a good one specially if it’s got a manual box. I say go ahead.

    Just do it.

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    A. It’s beautiful
    B. You already know you’re getting it. Stop asking permission and write the check.

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    I do appreciate your vote.

    I like(d) silver, back in the 80s, when few cars were actually SILVER. Now that every Maxima / Altima are silver, along with every other 4dr sedan.. Its just making the color really bland, and really boring.

    And as much as I do appreciate the 911… SILVER, just doesnt cut it.

    I do have a affection for a certain ’63 356, with the top up, that I followed for about 20mi, to talk to the guy about the car.

    That… was beautiful.
    That was SHINY.
    And that.. STOOD out.

    There are literally.. hundreds of thousands of millions of cars on the road today.. and cars like this.. GET LOST in the shuffle.

    Im just saying..
    Id appreciate it WITH the guy, if he bought one that was DISTINCT.

    Id also like to say..
    The GT1, GT2 and or GT3.. are beautiful vehicles with the kind of STUPID power only a REAL Porsche DRIVER could handle.

    Id find a way to get the RS, in some wild and bold color..

    But definately not the 05 in Silver.
    *Sarcasm, Id just confuse it with a Altima…*

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    Buy a racing car. Doesn’t matter what kind, SCCA sporty car, formula car, dirt late model, old drag racer

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    Accords, you do realize that the GT1 is a radically different car than the GT2 or GT3, or any other 911, right? It’s more akin to a 956/962 than any 911-derived GT car, and less than 30 were ever street legal, and that, only in Europe. It is in fact, not really a GT car at all.

    However, yes, you are certainly right that you have to be a very talented driver to wring out a GT1!

    As for aesthetics, while the world has been swallowed in a sea of ubiquitous silver, Porsche–and Mercedes–have a special claim to the color, and no Porsche ever looks wrong in silver. That it blends in has more to do with everyone else deciding silver works than Porsche trying to blend in. See 550s, RSKs, etc., for reference.

    For the record, my all time favorite color on any Porsche–and any car at all–is Signal Orange. And the GT3 RS’s orange is unspeakably beautiful…as is the green (Jack: if that was your Audi in green, let me be one of the commenters here to congratulate you. I think it’s awesome).

    I miss late 60s/early 70s colors. Our freeways today are just ghastly.

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    You are totally right about the GT1 v GT2 / GT3..

    And you are also totally right about the 550 // Rsk’s…

    But this.. is just a “generic” 05 911.

    I see plenty of these everyday, all over the Phila / NJ / DE / MD area..

    What stands out..
    Are the yellow or green 911s…
    Bouncing around doing 100mph through the beltway..

    Not silver jobbies with the automatic and the black interior.

    Porsche… used to be about power, and ability to DRIVE it AND COLOR.

    Not some run of the mill 911.. in silver.

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    You could probably get a great deal on a 3 yr old or newer fresh from the repo auction. These babies are coming back in droves around here as the Wall Streeters are getting them yanked. Or opt for more performance and get a new Vette.

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    Simply, yes.

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    Do it if you can afford it. I’ve only driven a 911 once, but I still miss it.

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    Re the R8 vs. 911:

    The R8 may be a better car, but in 25 years it will be a 25 year old Audi. In 25 years, the 911 will be a classic Porsche.

    Do it.

    P.S. Silver is the only color for a Porsche.

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    Scorched Earth

    Re: in 25 years

    That may be true, but I think he wants it now, and I doubt he’ll be keeping it that long. So who cares about 25 years from now?

    I’d take an R8 or Cayman S over a 911, personally.

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    Dood, like, no. Like, get a GT-R. Fr realz. Rly.


    (Actually, in all seriousness, I would get a Cayman—it really does seem the better car—then a GT-R, and last a 911, but I am a thumb-twittering member of the above-implied generation, and can probably be written off)

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    Actually psar, I would favor the Cayman for myself if I were not so tall. Can you even get into one? If so, you won’t want to do it when you get to my age. OTOH, if you marry a yoga instructor, it may work out differently.


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    @ Mike,

    es gibt wirklich nur eine Antwort…”JA!”

    Man, it’s a 911…please. Is there even a moment’s hesitation?

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    @ threer,


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    Only if you let me borrow it. What happen no Panamerica ugliness, Sasha might actually like that one if it meets her back seat needs of comfort and luxury.

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    Actually psar, I would favor the Cayman for myself if I were not so tall. Can you even get into one?

    As a passenger in a Boxster, but never a Cayman. I was able to get behind the wheel of the Boxster, which is more than I could say for an S2000 or (weirdly) a Mistu Eclipse.

    I can testify to fitting quite well (in that special “you better not gain any more weight” sense) in an SV-chassis Caterham. And the Caterham was much, much cooler than any modern Porsche.

    If so, you won’t want to do it when you get to my age. OTOH, if you marry a yoga instructor, it may work out differently.

    I married a massage therapist, so it’s rather more a matter of reactive than proactive troubleshooting.

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    “I married a massage therapist, so it’s rather more a matter of reactive than proactive troubleshooting.”

    Brilliant! I like your solution even better.

    I too have found that ergonomics is really strange when it comes to car size. My least favorite was the old Lumina. The poor rental folks would always be miffed when I refused to take one, and refused to pay for an upgrade, but instead downgraded to the cavalier because it had a longer seat track.

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    Mike – could I get more details on the certified pre-owned lease option

    do you get a warranty?

    are you on the hook for the repairs?

    what’s the residual/money factor?

    what are they looking at down?

    what’s the payment if you don’t mind?

    I’ve considered several times using the SmartLease from Premier Financial for a gently loved 911, but am very intrigued if Porsche itself offers a used-car lease option.

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    There is NO substitute. Well, maybe ONE…

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