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Nissan’s sales, too, took a brutal pounding last month, with their trucks particularly leading the plunge. While the Versa held on (5045 this February compared to 5708 in Feb ’08), the Sentra fell 21% and the Altima took a header of 31.5%, falling to 16,002 from last February’s 23,363. The trucks were the true mess though, collectively down 51%. The Frontier collapsing from 4661 to 1617 in February (a 65.3% drop) and the Titan down to 1508 from 3794 (down 60.3%). The Xterra had a similar tragedy, from 3548 to 1105 units (−68.9%) and the Pathfinder, too, was down 60.2% to 1498 in February compared with 3765 in February 2008. The Rogue was a small bright spot, which actually was up a bit to 5500 sales, while the Murano fell from 10,074 to 4126 units. Infiniti limped along with gains from the new FX, but the crucial G sedan and coupe were down 47.5 and 45.7% respectively. That amounts to almost 2700 lost G sales versus last February. Ouch.

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23 Comments on “Nissan Sales Drop 37.1%...”

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    Okay, I’m almost ready to help.

    I sorely need a new mid-size truck, one with a crew cab and decent offroad-from-the-factory capability. It’s down to the Nissan Frontier Pro-4x or Toyota Tacoma TRD (both available in manual). I’m willing to buy new. I’m leaning towards the Toyota, because it includes side air-bags, tow package with TRD, has a manual transmission, and has better aftermarket support. The Nissan requires an expensive option package for the side bags, and has no manual in the configuration I want.

    Question for the B&B: how much longer should I wait? When would a really savvy buyer jump? And how hard should I press the dealers on price?

    For what it’s worth, MSRP on the Toyota I want is $30,870, and on the Nissan with options necessary to almost equal the Toyota, $34,020.

    I’ve bought two new cars in my life, and at least as compared to other buyers, I did fairly well, but those were both cars that had essentially no option packages or trim levels (Mk4 R32, and an S2000 respectively). Anything else I’ve bought has been used, so in the big picture, I still don’t consider myself a terribly experienced new car buyer.

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    Drove past a Nissan dealership yesterday after work. It was a very lonely looking place – I suspect by this time next year they’ll be done.

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    That’ll buff right out.

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    You seem to really be down on Nissan. Just curious – why?

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    For sale cheap! Nissan GT-R. Still has new car smell!

    Ferrygeist, buy Toyota and really, why spring for new? At least hunt down a demo or something. Be cheap like me.

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    @Ferrygeist If you want a real truck,to do real truck things,like off road and towing.The closest
    your going to get in Japanese is the Tundra.

    So why not go all the way and buy an F150 or
    a Silverado?Ask people that have had Nissan trucks
    if they would buy another one.

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    I am not a financial expert by any means but like any auto company there is no good news. They have hemorrhaged tons of cash and things are going to get much worse before they get better. Obviously Toyota and Honda make it. I believe Mitsubishi is still a part of the Mothership so they probably make it. Suburu is still part of Fuji I believe so I’d guess they make it as well.

    Nissan is kind of on an island without a big brother. They probably should have died in the late 90’s until Ghosn and Renault worked their miracle. I am guessing that miracle time is over. I also wonder if Infiniti has been a big drain on them? I have no data and really haven’t cared to dig into it but the whole concept has always seemed strange to me.

    I’ve also always found most of their product line bland and boring. For me, I can’t think of any compelling reason to purchase a product from them. Although I admit I’ve always liked the lines on the xTerra but other than that their stuff for the most part does nothing for me. They would have to offer a pretty sizable rebate for me to consider their stuff.

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    Yet Hondas, Subarus, Toyotas, and Mitsubishis aren’t bland or boring? WTF are you talking about?

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    Ask people that have had Nissan trucks
    if they would buy another one.

    I have had a Nissan truck, and I did buy a new one after that (on my second Titan now). Nothing wrong with either one. Sweet engine.

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    Where’s the data on the 370Z??

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    I know it’s just you opinion about bland and boring but considering you think a company that makes the 370Z,GTR,G37, even the FX strange but blad, really? The only company that has built a Japanese supercar w/ history (GTR) that wasn’t just a random pet project.
    Infact up until recently Nissan has offered a manual trans. in all car trim levels even the maxima w/ V6. I hardly find a company that does this boring.

    The closest competition is Mazda with the greatly balanced RX8 and the accelerate push plow push plow Maxdaspd 3.

    Honda has the S2000 but that is getting scrapped because it doesn’t fit into their new Green obesity plan.

    Maybe your just talking about looks, for that whatever floats your boat.

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    “I know it’s just you opinion about bland and boring but considering you think a company that makes the 370Z,GTR,G37. .”

    You just said it, all those cars suck. For the new price of any of them, you can get a real German sports car (used of course).

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    An F-150 or Silverado is just too big. I know the difference between full size and mid size these days is small, but there’s still a difference. Too, the fuel mileage is that much worse in the larger trucks. And I just don’t like the way they look either. And the mids are less expensive.

    In general, I don’t like large vehicles. If I didn’t need a truck, I wouldn’t have one. My current truck is a 1990 Ranger. It’s good, but ageing badly, and I need to carry a family in comfort, on top of being able to haul gravel, concrete, rocks, brush, large car parts/transmissions, gas cylinders, and driving it offroad in California deserts. My wife and I have been trying to downsize–I’ve sold off four cars in the last year, and I’m trying not to have more than three now. Towing anything really heavy won’t be necessary, and if I need V8 torque to tow, we can use the Jeep GC which is ready to go.

    I’d like to buy used if possible, but finding the configuration I want is almost impossible, and, I want the latest safety features.

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    My point was his bland comment, bland actually has more of a direct meaning as oppossed to “suck” which is just what is used when someones German sports car gets passed by a Japanese sports car on the track.
    I just wanted to know how a company that STILL makes multiple cars to cater to enthusaists is considered bland.

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    Nissan interior quality, and even durability/reliability, went down there for some years – but I argue that they are either rising or about to rise.

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    Whoa Whoa – didn’t mean to get anyone’s nose out of joint. I just don’t think Nissan is in a great position for survival: they can’t be financially healthy, they don’t have a corporate mothership and perhaps government assistance is iffy.

    They need the North American market to survive. I’m a typical North American – wife, 2.5 kids, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, etc. and I see no compelling reason to buy a Nissan product right now. New mini-van? Get the Honda. Truck? F-150 Little car to bomb around town in? Mazda3 Cheap 4 door Sedan? Fusion. Have more cash to spend – what are the huge advantages of the Altima or Maxima?

    I’ll admit the Z is a slick car – but it can’t carry the brand. As far as the G37 goes – ick. It reminds me of a Chrysler Crossfire without the bearclaw marks on the side.

    Totally my opinion which ain’t worh much, so don’t mind me.

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    370Z,GTR,G37. .”

    You just said it, all those cars suck. For the new price of any of them, you can get a real German sports car (used of course).…

    Those cars suck??? Really? Interior quality being a bit below par relegates the entire car to “suck” status?

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    Justin Berkowitz

    06M3S54B32 :

    “I know it’s just you opinion about bland and boring but considering you think a company that makes the 370Z,GTR,G37. .”

    You just said it, all those cars suck. For the new price of any of them, you can get a real German sports car (used of course).

    Are you being facetious?

    I can assure you the GT-R is a very real sports car.

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    The GT-R will murder any current production BMW.

    If Nissan really “sucks”, then BMW must be utter trash.

    Yeah, you are right, your opinion ain’t worth much at all.

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    The GTR Spec V just has to beat some other Porsche variant by a couple of seconds on a track none of us will ever drive on and the world will marvel at it and Nissan will finally become the number one automaker in the universe.


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    *sigh* I never mentioned the phrase GT-R or “sucks” in any of my posts above. The GT-R could be hotter than the Starship Enterprise. There’s still no huge revenue stream in it as it’s a gimmick.

    I’ve also looked into it some more and perhaps they’ll be Ok. Their market share seems to be holding together at about 8%.

    I’m done. I guess I’ll go join in with the down with GM/Chrysler faction as they have my tax dollars. If any tax dollars go towards Nissan they’ll be from France or Japan.

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    I don’t disagree with most of your assesment but I think bland just set off a few WTF’s in here. That was all. Kinda like a post with “I like the ZR1 but find it underpowered”. Just seems a little weird.
    Overall I get your point about Nissans market.


    06M3S54B32 said the strange stuff about fantasy super cheap Used German sports cars.

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    Man, the GT-R testosterone is flowing in here big time…

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